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From: A cohort's CoHort <cohort@******.CONNECTED.COM>
Subject: Beth's Cafe
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 1994 06:14:14 -0800
Beth's Cafe
The first Beth's opened in Seattle in 1954. It started off as a little hole-in
the wall, and worked it's way throughout the entire building, and into the
buildings next to it. Now it takes up a bit less than half a block.
Beth's is unique in the fact that it still has the atmosphere of the late
1940s-50s. You can still sit at a stool at the bar and watch the cooks make
grease fly, you can sit in a booth with your friends and order one of their
world-famous 12-egg omelettes, and split it between 4 of you (unless one of you
is a troll, they can generally eat 2 by themselves), you can even draw a
picture with crayons and stick it up on the wall, if you feel so inclined.
The employees are generally friendly, as are the regulars, and there is
always a spirit of humor in the air. Beth's is one of the last places to
actually have a JukeBox, offering an assortment of out-of-date music that's
sure to please just about anyone.
The Beth's Cafe location in Seattle is on the west side of the 7300 block of
Aurora Ave. N., Just northwest of Greenlake. There is a Beth's Cafe located in
just about every major metroplex, though the location is up to the GM.

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