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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: Babs
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 1994 03:30:23 EST
Babs aka Babette
Archtype: Female, Elven Street Samurai
For an elf, Babs is butt ugly. But the humans around her don't
seem to mind her looks and she comes off less pompous than the rest of
her race. Her long brown hair is tied back in a braid when "Babs" is
in charge. When "Babette" takes over, it is flowing long and free.
is the street samurai- cold, lethal and often decked out to show it.
"Babette" is a night club flirt and dresses in revealing clothes and often
goes topless- just because she thinks she can. (FYI: this is not some male
stereotype here folks- a girl played this character from start to finish).
Babs suffers from a very bizarre form of Multiple Personality
Disorder. She has two distinct faces- Babs the cold predator and Babette
the club groupie and general airhead. Her closest friends, namely Angel,
Centinel, and Gremlin, are aware of this and keep her out of harm's way;
though they have been known to let her go home with folks from the bar
and just make sure she gets out in one piece.
Babs is a crackshot with a Ingram SMG and has been known to shoot
2 fisted on several occasions. She was the group leader until an unfortunate
"illness" forced her to resign. (FYI: The person playing Babs, who was new
to gaming, bent over and threw a Loup Garou over her shoulder. We did not
want to slag the character so rather than have the disease run its full
course, we gave her a mutated form- it only affects her for 1 wk/month and
is only contagious to other elves. Since her infection the team has a standing
rule prohibiting elves from joining the Legacy.) Babs has been on the streets
for several years and has primarily run with her partner, Guardian Angel, a
female ork bodyguard.
Steven Mancini <phi@****>
Message no. 2
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: Re: CHARACTER: Babs
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 1994 22:14:09 EST
Eric Christopher Trager expouses:
:: What's a Loup Garou? Is there a sourcebook I'm forgetting the contents of?
I may have used an improper name. It may be merely Garou or some
derivation. It is a paranormal found in the Paranormals of North
America. Basically a person loses all upper brain function, becomes
incredibly strong, and their features are distorted. Once a month
they go completely beserk. In the shadowtalk that follows they
hint that merely coming in contact with someone infected can
leade to infection.

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