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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: Centinel
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1993 22:48:54 EST
Archtype: Human female samurai
Centinel is a moderately attractive woman with a somewhat masculine
build. Her hair is black and kept short in the tradition of women in the
military. Her cold black eyes seem almost lifeless. Her skin is somewhat
pale from all the running she does at night.
Centinel is the leader of the Dark Legacy after the previous
leader, Babs, bowed out for "health reasons." Centinel is also the only
member of the legacy to take first place during their time in the "Blood
Sport" in Hong Kong. Since that time she has taken to more social based
skills and has become the team negotiator. He chrome is strictly combat,
with heavy dermal and wired reflexes. Since her start in the shadows,
she has upgraded a bit allowing her to get her eyes and ears modified for
night fighting. Centinel, along with her "buddy" Gremlin, are founding
members of the Dark Legacy.
Steven Mancini <phi@****>

several members took 2nd place, with one member, Centinel, taking first
place in the Quick Draw competition.
Since that time they have stolen a dragon off of the top of Ares,
rescued a corper's son from a maximum security prison in Atlanta Georgia,
and taken down 1 dragon. As NPC's, they have since opened their own
shadowrunner rescue service called "Body-snatchers" and have also pooled
their resources to purchase an MP Laser for the team. They have also
set up a team residence in the woods of Fort Lewis.
The basic breakdown of the team is as follows:

Centinel: Female human samurai leader
Gremlin: Male, dwarven sam/saboteur
Babs: Female, elven samurai
Angel: Female, ork bodyguard/samurai
Hammer: Male, Troll samurai
Anvil: Male, troll samurai
Roadrunner: Male, human rigger
Wyldkat: Female, human wildcat shaman
Hellrazor: male, human fire elementalist

This team ran in Seattle for approximately 5 years before retiring
to NPC status.

Steven Mancini <phi@****>

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