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Message no. 1
From: "David J. Altman" <khanx@******.COM>
Subject: Character: Daemon Rage
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1993 21:54:08 -0800
Daemon Rage
Daemon Rage: Pale Caucasian male, long black hair, black eyes,
black motorcylce leathers. Slightly deranged. His enormous I.Q.
coupled with maniacal cunning and various sociopathies make
him a dreaded figure in the underworld. Has very fluid movements.

Daemon Rage's background is sketchy. Apparently he was a soldier
turned biker turned psychopathic serial killer. He was infamous
throughout the world for his string of 53 serial murders. Apparently
he took great delight in finding ways to kill the most heavily
guarded people. Usually he disposed outsmarted all the protectors in
order to reach his prey. When he was finally caught (by a detective
who to this day remains anomymous) he avoided the death penalty by
being his own lawyer and using a legal defense that crushed all four
federal prosecutors opposing him. He was sent instead to Cypress
Mental Institution. During his 10 years there he earned a JD, MBA, MD,
and Ph.Ds in psychiatry, chemistry, and biology. After driving his
first three counselors to insanity and slavery to his will, he was
put in maximum isolation/no contact block.
He escaped 6 months later using unknown methods. Upon his exit he
has worked diligently to put together a far-reaching crime and
terrorist syndicate called RAVEN. Rage delights in making common
appearences and belittling his position, nevertheless he is universally
Apparently, his treatment at Cypress did ameliorate some of Rage's
insanity, and Rage can now act normal for short periods of time.

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