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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: DarkSide
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1993 23:58:44 EST
Archtype: Elven Moon Shaman
Darkside is a frail albino elf. He hides his affliction beneath
armored robes and cloaks. He wears gloves and conceals all his flesh
beneath clothe. Besides his Mild reaction to sunlight, he wishes to
keep his albino status a secret.
Many people consider Morgan's survival a oddity. Born to corporate
parents, Morgan's infliction was taken care of for sometime. Morgan, as
it would turn out, was born elven from human parents. To make matters
worse, he was also born an albino. His handicap cost his parents, and
their corporation a great deal of money to maintain. It came as no surprise
to his mother that they were "discharged" when his father was killed in
an accident in the lab in which he worked. While his mother tried to keep
Morgan healthy, she onyl worked herself into an early grave. It was after
his mother's death that Morgan took to the streets.
Unfortunately for Morgan, he has three very attractive qualities that
would cause his downfall. First, he was elven. Second, he was an albino.
Third, he was also magically active. These three traits attracted the
attention of a group of English (Hermetic) druids who promised him many
things, including their ability to make his magic surface. What they
delivered was Morgan, to a sacrificial alter. He awoke only moments before
they ripped his heart from his body. Seeing his own beating heart in the
hands of a garbed druid, Morgan consigned himself to the afterlife.
Luckily for Morgan, not everyone would allow the druids their
sacrifice. A rogue elven shaman who followed the path of Moon received
visions telling him to go to the spot of the sacrifice. Leaving the druids
to the mercy of a Greater Form forest spirit, this shaman quickly departed
with the practically dead boy. Through great skill, amazing magic, and
force of will, the shaman willed the boy back to life (Heal Deadly Wounds,
a fetish foci, and plus a serious amount of karma). He took the student
under his wing and trained him for several years without knowing what
path had been chosen for Morgan. Also during this time, he used magics,
unknown to the boy, to raise the boys physical stature so that his
infliction would not be as much a disability as it originally was. Morgan's
magical path was quickly revealed to him when he could not resist the urge
to watch an eclipse, a vision that would rob him of his sight forever.
His link to Moon was cast, and no magic or technology could restore that
which Moon has taken away.

Steve Mancini <phi@****>

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