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Message no. 1
From: "Because a Jester unemployed is nobody's fool ..."
Subject: CHARACTER: Dawn
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 1994 17:17:18 -0500
Description: Dawn is an beautiful elven Druidic Owl Shaman. Her flaming red
hair and Scottish brogue, which often breaks down into a cross between broken
Scottish and heavily accented Speritheil when she gets angry leaves no doubt as
to her ancestry. She wears primarily grey and green and somehow manages to
look absolutely marvelous in whatever she wears. Her only visible piece of
'jewelry' is a stunning silver necklace (a power focus of some kind). She also
has with her at almost all times a rather HUGE Scottish Claymore (three foot+
two-handed sword which happens to be a high level weapon focus).

Background: Being a fairly high level initiate in the she sleeps by day and
works her magic at night. A protector of the land and nature in general she is
quick to aid those who work towards the protection of the land. She will not
hesitate to deal with those individuals who desecrate the land in any way with
either her magic or the absolutely HUGE Bastard Sword (a high level weapon
focus) that she carries with her at all times. Most at home in the parks of
Seattle (Or virtually any other park or 'green area' for that matter) She has
a high disregard for the 'techno-philes' though she views some technology as a
necessary evil and will put up with limited amounts of it. Her appearance in
astral-space is that of a great owl with a gold amulet around her neck (her
power focus) and a sword of great size. She has a natural distaste for Toxic
Shamans and goes to enormous length to kill them when they encroach on what she
feels as the land she is guarding at that time. She has been known to approach
'runners on occasion for assistance in her virtual quest to destroy any 'toxic'
spirits that have been unleashed by the corps 'Whole-Sale discruction of the
land' she will also go out of her way to assist any who assist her in her quest
in any manner possible.

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