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Message no. 1
From: Timothy John Rayburn <rayburn@*******.UTA.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER : Domino
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 00:04:22 CST
Archetype : Elven Investigator, Male

Domino is and Investigator of great repute he has an eye for
detail that some computers can't touch. He can hold is own in the
Matrix but reallys on his wits before his utilities (which is why he
doesn't deck full time). The only obvious Cyberware he has is a fine
Datajack and Softlink (but astrally shows to be very low on Essence). He
is dressed in the finest clothing, but don't let appearences fool you he
knows more folks than your average fixer but he'd better owe you one or
you have a dreks chance in convincing him do you a favor with less than
three zeros and a nuyen sign attached.

Background : Domino was a low line decker running the shadows till he
got hold of a scene where two groups of runners bumped into each other
and took each other out. He called in about 5 contacts and offered the
all they wanted for about half what it was worth on the street and a
handshake, nothing more. Though details aren't known all know that
Domino's rep is one of a chap that will cut you a deal and the intial
high pricetag on his services are to weed out kids and drekhead gangs
that would waste his time, and will only accept one tenth the agreed
upon price when the job's complete. The one thing to remeber is that he
feels he's doing you a favor so he will expect courtisy at all costs and
a fare bit of confidence in his abilities. Besides for his obvious
cyberware he also has a Encephalon, Cerebral Booster, Vehicle Control
Rig and a Smartgun Link installed makeing him the perfect backup to a
group of over anxious Street Sam's. He lives out of a Rolls Royce
Praire Cat whos Uplink has been modified for decking and carries a
rack of drones in the back.

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