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Message no. 1
From: Dwayne Baker <dabaker@***.EDU>
Subject: Character: Dr. Lientze
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 1994 14:46:07 -0600
Dr. Lientze
Dr. Lientze is the head of the computer science dept. of SSECCa Technical
Academy (see sprawl of same for more info). Dr. lientze spends 6+ hours a
day in the matrix. He examines all of SECCa's student records to find the
best and brightest. He also teaches unofficial classes is computer hacking
in the colleges mini matrix. The real matrix is accessible via satelite uplink
or direct acess through the mini matrix. Any student Dr. Lientze considers
exceptional is reccommended to Mr. Finaish for contract. Dr. Lientze's
co-conspirators are Mr. Finaish, Dr. Elenbright, Dr. Reaves, Dr. Eizenreich,
and Coach Cackrin.


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