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Message no. 1
From: Dave Sherohman <esper@*****.IMA.UMN.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: Firethorne
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 15:10:58 -0600
Firethorne was secondborn of a pair of twins; unfortunately, her mother died
in the process and her father blamed the girls (particularly Firethorne) for
his wife's death. A few years later, he remarried.

At the age of 8, Firethorne discovered that she was magically active when her
sorcerous powers were spontaneously activated while attending a religious
ceremony, burning a hole through the ceiling with a flaming dart. The
worshippers were not amused, and the whole incident only served to increase
her father's hatred of his daughter. A year later, he was imprisoned for
phsyically and sexually abusing her. Firethorne ran away a few days after the

On the streets, Firethorne survived through an odd combination of begging,
stage magic, and real magic, all the while pursuing new ways to make her life
more interesting - petty theft, magical muggings, exploring the sewers,
intervening in brawls, anything. For the first few years, she avoided
prostitution as it brought back too many memories of her father. Eventually,
though, her quest for thrills got the better of her, and she found that it was
a way of getting her thrills and her cash at the same time. Before long, she
developed a rep for being willing to try anything.

Firethorne's latest plan is to get into shadowrunning, though she has no
intention of giving up prostitution - at least, not yet. The few spells she
knows are mostly geared to assist with her 'occupation', curing diseases,
heightening tactile responses, or determining another's desires. She also
has some low-powered offensive spells, but they tend to focus on putting
targets to sleep rather than killing them.

(Note that none of the above is intended to be misogynistic, etc. Firethorne
was designed as a thoroughly amoral character to join up with the PCs and
stick by them through thick and thin, eventually getting beat up bad enough
to reduce her Essence a couple points, then add cyberware and turn on the PCs
for whatever reason they may have given her - the ultimate psychobitch from
hell... She's good for dealing with players who insist on running lecherous


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