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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: Gremlin
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 1994 03:02:10 EST
Archtype: Dwarven Mercenary/Saboteur
Gremlin is a average height dwarf with an exceptionally muscular
build. Both agile and strong, he is a terror in any bar-room brawl. His
stout body is cleanly shaven from head to two. Cosmetic surgery has assured
him of minimal body hair, with the exception being his face and head. Even
though they have little to no effect, his fingernails are manicured to look
like polished razors. He has a crazed look in his bright green eyes and
a devlish smile almost always appears on his face. When on a run, he often
where a cosmetic mask that resembles the Green Goblin from famed Spiderman
comics (or I would refer you to Maximum Over-drive- the truck with the
green face.)
Gremlin started his life as an average mercenary who was content
collecting the pointy ears off his taller victims. Like most mercs, he
wanted more. Enter Centinel, bodyguard extrordinaire and shadowrunner. The
two formed an alliance and he has often run backup for her, saving her life
on many occassions. It was only after being introduced to a profitable career
as a shadowrunner that Gremlin developed his talents for Demolitions. As a
founding member of the Dark Legacy, and a "buddy" to Centinel, he is often
present at D.L. business, whether anyone but Centinel knows it. On one run
with the Legacy, he was badly wounded, suffering major damage to most of his
cyber systems. The team pooled their resources and "upgraded" their loyal
friend. These upgrades included the latest in Bone-Lacing and the installation
of an Orientation Computer. In addition to being the team's demolition expert,
he is the 2nd gunner for the team's MP Laser.
Steven Mancini <phi@****>

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