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Message no. 1
From: Role Playing Manager <moria@*****.EERIE.FR>
Subject: CHARACTER: Horuji Hokato
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 1994 12:41:36 GMT
Horuji Hokato
Physically speaking, Horuji is no different from a Japanese human,
because he is Japanese. He's short ( 5'5" ), not really heavy ( 120 Lbs ), but
he's really clever. For the moment, his front cover is an electronic shop,
where he sells all the possible equipments in electronic. So what does make
him so special?

Horuji is one of the best fixers in the sprawl, or if you prefer, the
best Dr Know. Ask him informations and you'll be sure that he will call back
in the next 6 hours. Of course, if you ask him the design plans of the
aztechnology, it will be longer, or perhaps not, because it seems he already
owns them.

Of course, nobobdy knows why he is so efficient. Does he have the
biggest net of information of the sprawl? Probably yes!

Finally, never try to frag him. Money is not a problem for him. Ask
the info, and pay later, but don't play too much with his patience. Horuji is
so well known in the shadows that if you try to frag him, you're sure that the
next part of your life will be like hell.

legangne@*****.fr | "How can you find your way in the shadows,
Benjamin Legangneux | if you have no light?"
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