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Message no. 1
From: "David J. Altman" <khanx@******.COM>
Subject: Character: Khan
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 23:47:11 -0800
Khan (real name unknown): caucasian male, 6'4", 122 kgs.,
very solidly built, red beard and hair, black eyes,
stylized tattoos on arms (dragon on right forearm, pheonix
on left forearms, hexagon over left eye). Usually wears
denim jeans and shirt, black boots, trenchcoat, and gloves.
Large sword on left hip and a bracer on left wrist. Is a
sorcerer adept of extremely high level.

His parents were part of an Asian warlords command staff. During
a raid by a rival warlord his parents were killed and he was taken
prisoner. He worked in the slavemines until he was 10 years old.
Then he escaped. After several years of living in the jungles of China
he ascended "The Mountain of Infinite Thunder" to seek the silver dragon
who lived in a palace atop the mountain. He made it past the many traps
and patrols and got into the courtyard before being discovered. The dragon
spared his life and decided to teach the young human. After 10 years Khan
emerged. Since then he has become one of the more menacing and respected
'runners in the Sprawl.
Message no. 2
From: "Dylan Northrup (PHY)" <northrup@*****.USF.EDU>
Subject: Re: Character: Khan
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1993 11:24:32 -0500
John Conner
Once running under the name of Ranger, Jonh Conner now works above the
table. He is the owner, manager, financer, and an operative of ConnerSec
Inc. A man who realised that there are not very many old
runners, he got the big payoff and got out of the biz....sort of. With
his money he started a security agency. After getting weapon permits and
fairly lucrative arrangements with several armaments manufacturers (i.e.
beta testing new designs in the field) his agency opened for business.
Finding the security business boring, ConnerSec began to accept cases
which were less than legitimate to offer their operatives better
conditions to test their equipment in. If runners have need of equipment
and they know Conner personally, often arrangements can be made to rent
or purchase equipment that would otherwise be almost impossible to

Although he has much cyberenhancement, most of the cyber is of
non-offensive. He is a master of surveilance having enhanced eyes and ears
and enough memory to make him a walking archive site. It is a sure bet
that any and all dealings with this man are recorded and dumped to a safe
backup as soon as possible. When an impartial observer is needed to record
dealings between companies Coner is often called in. Though he looks at
this sort of operation as boring, it is lucrative and pays for most of
his operating expenses.

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