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Message no. 1
From: "Martin A. Hillgrove" <hillgrov@***.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER:Rorschach
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 15:20:36 -0500
Description: Rorschach is fairly tall for an elf (2m) and masses about 70
kilos (That's 6'6" & ~150 lbs for those non-metric people). He usually is
seen wearing a fedora and a long coat over an old 20th century style double-
breasted suit. About half the time he wears his tell-tale mask. It covers
the lower half of his face, and has an folded-ink-blot pattern on it.

Notes: Rorschach is a Hermetic mage, who deals almost exclusively with
elemental conjuring. He usually has at least 3 elementals on hand at all
times. He is known to be friends with at least 2 Free Spirits.

History: Rorschach grew up as the son of wage-slaves, and was to become
a wage-mage for Renraku. He didn't want to. He didn't like the way the
corps were able to run the world. So he ran away. He was a little lost
at first, until he met Gina. Gina was a Free Air Elemental who took pity
on him. "She" helped him find some people who were willing to teach a
run-away about life on the streets and in the shadows. He now is at least
a Grade 2 Initiate who deals in and with elemental conjuring.
Martin Hillgrove <hillgrov@**>

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