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Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@***.GWU.EDU>
Subject: Character: STUFF
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 1994 00:25:03 -0500
The bartender of the converted warehouse called Stuff, this
elderly elf renounced his real name when he Goblinized at the time of the
He didn't want to become an elf. In fact, he never even liked
reading fantasy novels -- to him, Tolkien was something you use to pay a
toll. But when he started to change, he took it well -- not happily, but
well. He lost his job mixing drinks at the Washington Hilton, his family
left him, his car wouldn't start, and even his dog didn't recognize him
anymore. So he went underground, and eventually found his way to the
sprawl mentioned seperately.
He is most skilled in mixing drinks, but also has been known to
practice various martial arts, and seems very good at throwing darts.
He's kept himself fit, and is extremely muscular for his age.
Also, he seems to have an eye for antique computer equipment.

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