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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: Tamakazura
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1993 05:15:02 EST
Archtype: Female, Human, Owl Shaman
"Tammy" is a small white girl, frail in stature. Her eyes are
a deep black that you can feel pierce your very soul. She often
dresses in dark brown or black cotton clothes. When the weather is
cold she can be found wearing the leather jacket of her boyfriend,
Enigma. The jacket has the logo of the Nighthunters Gang across it.

Tammy gave her inheritance to a cult group that promised they
could make her magical. Unfortunately for them, she was magical. During
a routine shadowrun, the team came across her while extracting their
target. The group mage, Enigma, fell in love with her and grabbed her.
Since then he has taught her what he could, trusting that Owl and Tammy
could do the rest.
She started out her career in the shadows under the name
"Butterfly", a name given her by Enigma. When Enigma was brutally murdered
by a samurai during an extraction, she adopted the Japanese name
Tamakuzura, which is said to mean "Angry Butterfly". Since then she
has avenged Enigma's death and has severed as a magical guide for the
street gang known as the Nighthunters.

Steven Mancini <phi@****>

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