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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: The Bamboo Kid
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 19:11:33 EST
The Bamboo Kid
Archtype: Human Assassin
The Bamboo Kid is extremely young and is new to the streets after
escaping from Hong Kong. He is a short vietnamese boy-man (he is 17, you
decide if he is a boy or a man). Like many of his age, he is over-confident
and mixes a childish demeanor with his lethal profession. When not killing
corporate agents, he playes video games and hits on street "babes." He has
dark hair and eyes and a definite caucasian somewhere in his bloodline.
The Bamboo Kid is a new assassin. Given his recent acquisition of
bioware, he has adopted this porfession to pay off the surgery costs that
were fronted by a family friend. Among this ware is the extended volume
bioware. He is extremely stealthy and his weapon of choice is the blow
gun using various types of poison and dikote needles for wetwork jobs.
Steven Mancini <phi@****>

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