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Message no. 1
From: Steve Mancini <phi@****.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: CHARACTER: The Flying Dutchman
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 00:49:59 EST
The Flying Dutchman
Archtype: Fixer
The Flying Dutchman (or Dutchman to his friends) is a human of
average height. His facial features are hidden by a veil he wears covering
all but his eyes and bridge of his nose. The Dutchman wears clothing from
head to toe and a glove on his right hand. Those who watch him move can
detect an obvious limp on his whole right side. Those assensing him
(something he considers *extremely* rude) will detect a low essence and
an almost dead right half to his body. When moving his right side (arm or
leg), a mechanical wheezing can be heard that can best be described as
sub-standard cyberlimbs. He will *never* be found without his companion,
Nightshade, a female elven hermetic mage who has elementals in service to
watch over them astrally.
Though he can provide all the services of a traditional fixer,
Dutchman specializes in military hardware.

The Dutchman is a retired runner. He started his career as a
mercenary. One one run whenthe drek got to deep, it is rumored that a
fellow shadowrunner cast an acid bomb. With only a split second before
the spell touchded down he twisted to his right and covered his eyes
with his right arm. The whole right side of his body was demolished by
the spell and it took the powerful healing powers of the same mage to
keep him alive. His limbs were replaced with spare cyber parts so that the
team could make a fast exit from the city in which the failed run took
place. Since that time he has taken to establishing contact in numerous
locales and has elevated himself to the status of fixer.
The truth behind the incident is that he was hit by the spell,
which was cast by Nightshade. Since that incident she has sworn to stay
by his side until their debt is cleared. A friendship has formed since
then and neither has concerned themselves with the debt for many years.
The "spare" parts were replaced with superior parts once Dutchman made
some money in Seattle. He had the "limp" programmed into the ware but
has an override linked to his Booseted Reflexes. Should the need arise,
he can react as fast as a cobra, with deadly accuracy as well. He also
has the equivalent of Dermal (1) in his body to add physical support to
his body since the accident which tore him apart.
The Dutchman is also the owner of a GMC Banshee which he keeps
hidden from even his closest friends. (Nightshade excluded). He has been
slowly learning to pilot the vehicle and has intentions to some day gut
his wired reflexes for a vehicle control rig. This may be more of a dream
than a real goal, like the old fishing boat dream of many a policman.

Steven Mancini <phi@****>

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