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Message no. 1
From: "Ronald Hitzler" <rohi@****.at>
Subject: critters, aliens and much more was: more ideas
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 1996 19:11:01 +0000
On 1 Oct 96 at 19:19, Steven Ratkovich wrote:

> These could be fun... I'm still trying to work out a giant armored toad to
> swallow one of my players...:)
after all, sr is a game and i think games should be funny
so we should maybe try some "funny" critters (example: the invincible rat) --
not "hard-hitters"
(4d6+20 init, 15D damage, +3 reach). just some creatures for player
let's pick up the alien-idea and expand it a little bit: klingons &
ferengi from star trek, the good old aliens and so on.

> >special magical items for shadowrun
> This is an idea with some merit. Other than locks, fetishes, and such,
> there aren't any individual magical items, save what Dunk gave out in his
yes, this sounds like ad&d TM (and after playing ad&d TM for more
than four years i really HATE this rpg *pfui*).
this and the kit idea could be some kind of earthdawn-crossover
(uhhh, i sayed the cursed word) -- the kit is a kind of

the globetrotter-guide is a nice idea, but it is just another
standard sourcebook. there are so many expansions, but they are all
the same (ok, ok some expansions are really good -- take a look at the
nerps-books! :) ): weapons, weapons and weapons; chars, chars & chars

Ronald Hitzler
St. Valentin, Austria

email : rohi@****.at
fidonet : 2:314/12

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