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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: D-016-a: magic, Health Adept
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 00:39:30 -0500
SUBMISSION: Health Adpet
DESIGNER: Jason J Carter
E-Mail: Carter@***.EDU


The Health Adept

Full access to Astral Space.
May only cast Health spells and spells using the Vemon Elemental effect.
May summon Watchers and Zombies.

Health Adepts fall into two catagories: Healers and Necromancers.

Healers would never summon zombies, although they are know to try to gain
control over them when they encounter them. Once they gain control they banish
or destory them ASAP. It is not uncommon for healers to have no or little
conjuring skill since Watchers are not as useful as elementals. Still Watchers
can be a valuable tool for watching over patients.

Necromancers summon zombies and enjoy using them. Necromancers tend to be
magical threats, since summoning zombies is not a nice thing to do. Some
necromancers are rumored to cast spells using an undocumented venom elemental
effect. Theoretically, healers should be able to use these spells also, but it
is not in the nature of most to do so.

For Zombies see Quiktek's Hermetic Treat Article.

Venom Elemental Effect

Primary Damage: Spells of this effect form a nearly acidic poison. The target
of the spell resist using impact armor (one-half, round down). Manipulation
spells of this nature will not affect inorganic substances, including all
elementals. Combat spells with this special effect cause damage to the aura
and will work on inorganic targets.

Secondary Effect: Organic target of Venom suffer emense pain from the toxin.
If the 2d6 roll exceeds the target's body (plus EE mods) then the victim suffers
a +2 to all target numbers for one turn.

See Ya in Shadows, "I can count the number of days I've worked
Jason J Carter since graduation on one hand." - ME!
The Nightstalker Carter@***.EDU

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