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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: D-022-a: magic, spell, teleport
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 14:04:59 -0500
SUBMISSION: Spell: Teleportation
DESIGNER: Doctor Doom
E-MAIL: jch8169@*****

DESCRIPTION: This is a spell for instant, magical translocution. Included
are full stats as well as game notes and commentary.


Research and Development by:

Doom Technologies & Dark Thought Publications

>> Working on solutions best left in the dark. <<

Class: Manipulation Drain: (F/2)S Type: Physical Duration: Instant

Target Number: The base Target Number is 4, modified by distance.

The threat of teleporting into a solid object is almost non-existent,
applying Einstein's postulate that no matter, of any from, can occupy the space
occupied by other matter. This also coincides with the precept in the Grimoire
that no two auras can exist in the same space.

Target location to which the magician shall teleport must be in Line of Sight.
The target number may be modified by distance traveled...(the modifications
presented here are "borrowed" from the optional rules regarding target number
modification for LOS spells, Grimoire II, page 111)

Distance (ranges are in meters) Target Modification
0-150 None
151-300 +2
301-600 +4
601-1250 +6
1251-2500 +8
2501-5000 +10
5001+ Target not visible

Also, this spell is not entirely accurate in terms of targeting the
destination. This translates into game terms to 'scatter' (borrowed from the
rules concerning handgrenades, SRII, page 97). Once the mage has successfully
teleported, roll 2D6 for the distance in meters from the target point. Roll
1D6 for direction, as per the illustration on page 97.
However, all is not lost for the hapless mage who MIGHT appear as far
as 12 meters away... After the scatter roll is made, the magician may reduce
the distance by 4 meters per success made.

Maximum Range: Magic Attribute in kilometers.


The magician may, if he so chooses, take passengers with him. The
maximum number that may accompany him equals his Magic Attribute divided by 3.
The target number increases by +2 per passenger. Upon successful teleporting,
each passenger must make an attribute test:

Willpower: (meters/200)D2 Stun damage

[The minimum being 2D2.]

This is due to the extremely unpleasant (one might almost say "mind
pummeling") effects that teleportation has on the nervous system.


The spell cannot be cast on someone to teleport them AWAY from the
caster. Passengers must be willing subjects, and be within physical contact
(either directly or indirectly through a human chain) with the caster.

The caster cannot be forced to teleport someone with him. Just
because someone is in physical contact with him (e.g. he is grappling or being
physically bound by someone) and the magician decided to teleport, his
assailant is NOT transported with him.

The inertia of the magician is NOT negated by teleportation. For
example, a mage has fallen off a twenty-story building, and after plummeting
past the tenth story, he decides to teleport to a location six feet off the
ground. Once there, he will still impact the pavement with the same force he
had before he teleported, i.e. SPLAT, and the unfortunate mage will most likely
expire from a combination of deceleration trauma and cement poisoning.


Dark Thought Publications & Doom Technologies, Inc.
>>> Working on solutions best left in the dark.

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