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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: D-025-a: magic, waking the dead
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 14:06:28 -0500
SUBMISSION: TOME: Waking the Dead, New Magical Threat
DESIGNER: Todd Montgomery (Quiktek)
E-Mail: tmont@****

DESCRIPTION: Summoning Zombies, New Magical Hermetic Threat,
Different form of animated corpse.

Waking the Dead

Creating Zombies: VooDoo Synthesis
-- Excert from AMPR Transactions on Spirits, Vol. 15, No. 8,
By Dr. Hansen Gerron Beker

Association of Magical and Paranormal Researchers Press, Washington, DC
Posting: MagicNET and AMPRnet, August 2048.

VooDoo priest have long guarded the secret to reanimating dead tissue.
The practice, which is frowned upon both legally and religiously, has
started to flourish in New Orleans of late. A VooDoo zombie is a very
unique construct to the world of magic. The process of creating
this construct is involved and can be quite costly. The first step is,
obviously, acquiring a body. The stage of decay of the body is really
of no great importance. Along with the first step is the gathering of
necessary ritualistic items which are required for the conjuration portion
of the process. After all the equipment has been gathered the
next step is the preparation of the body. The body must be cleansed of
any and all previous emotional trauma. This step is ultimately the
most dangerous. Individuals who have undergone tremendous emotional
distress before death can manifest strong responses to being turned into
a host for the "Zombie" spirit. After the body has been cleansed it is an
open recepticle for the VooDoo priest. The priest now summons a special
spirit to inhabit the body. This conjuring, which is accomplished in a
fashion similiar to the summoning of Elementals, is one of the easiest
aspects of the process. The spirit then inhabits the body and the process
is ended with the priest bonding the spirit to the body. After a short
period of time, usually in the order of 2-3 days, the body is fully mobile
and is under direct control by the VooDoo priest. The number of Zombies
that a priest may have control over at any time seems to be dependent on
the magical capability of the priest not the charismatic appeal of the
priest as it is with Shamanic spirits and Hermetic Elementals.

>>>>[ I know. I know this is old, but it is a good piece of an article
and it does give us a large lead into a new area of magical threat. ]<<<<

>>>>[ Terminal Link Established.
>>>>[ It is no threat Neomancer. It is defilement of the Earth, of the
soul mother. The dead belong to her. The spirits of the dead must be left
in peace. I weep for their souls. ]<<<<

>>>>[ Those voodoun mumbos ain't nothin' but cracked. Tay ain't got
spirit left. The ded ain't got any spirit. All those voodoun priest
and priestessez do is pop some ol' tired spirit into the body. Fragged
thin' is so mad and upitty it goes plum loko. I seen me one when I
smaller (No cracks from yous Dandy). They hate everythin' and everyone.
Only person they even 'motely here to is the Houngan (that is voodoun
priest/priestessez to you northern types). And under that they don't
have ah choice. ]<<<<

>>>>[ Terminal Link Established.
>>>>[ Spirit of the deceased or just inhabitted, tis not a difference. It is
a malignant blotch on the human record. The bodies of the dead, as well as,
their spirits are still part of the whole system of birth,life,death. Wo
to anyone who defiles that system. ]<<<<

Game Stuff:

This should be considered another magical threat. But this one of a
Hermetic nature. The people who practice this process of animating the dead
should be given threat ratings as are done with Insect and Toxic Shamans.
This is a Hermetic practice and is not limited just to VooDoo Houngans.
Also a mage who traffics in Zombies may still summon Elementals as normal.

Preparing the Body:
Base Materials Cost:
1,000Y X (Force of the spirit to inhabit the body.)^2
Hermtic Circle of Rating equal to Force of spirit.
Base Time:
Force of spirit X 2 days
Plus time for Hermetic Circle

Unlike any other summoning, this process requires a large amount
of advance preparation. Once a body has been found it is prepared
for inhabitation by the spirit. The details of the process vary,
but it always involves some sort of immersion of the body into
a specially prepared mixture. The body will soak in these fluids
which will "cleanse" it of unwanted properties. The Base Time and
Cost of the preparation can be cut down by making a Sorcery (Ritual
Spellcasting) Unresisted Test at a Target Number of the Force of
the Spirit to inhabit the body. Successes divide into the time and/or
cost however the Mage wants. If the test produces no successes,
the mage has accidentally disturbed the spirit of the body and
will be haunted by a ghost of the bodies owner. The body is also
useless for making a Zombie.

Summoning the Spirit:

Once the body is ready, the spirit to inhabit the body is summoned.
This is done exactly as if the mage was summoning an Elemental
of the same Force. But the main difference is the materials
and circle have already been performed. Make sure to check for

Binding the Spirit:

The spirit, once it has discovered it is to be put into the body,
usually will try to go free. But the mage, by spending a Threat Rating
point, binds the spirit to himself and the body for as long as
the body can go without decaying beyond the point of usefulness.
The spirit and the body are now one. They can not be separated.
Although the spirit may still be banished. The zombie may also
be destroyed if the body is destroyed.

A mage can have as many as his Threat Rating times his Magic Attribute in
Force points of Zombies.

Zombies have been known to go free. A free Zombie spirit can leave the
body and automatically receives the Possession power in addition
to other powers granted by going free.

Zombie (Vastly different from the Corpse Cadavre of Paranormal Animals
of Europe)

Identification: The zombie appears as a reanimated human or metahuman
corpse in varying stages of decay.
Habitat: Anywhere
Magic Capability: Innate
Habits: The zombie can follow simple (20 words or less) commands from
its creator or complete simple tasks. It will follow all instructions
until it is destroyed. Zombies hate all living things and if not restrained,
will try to kill and mutilate without regard.
Range: Worldwide
Commentary: Very little is known about Zombies.
Powers: Immunity to Pathogens, Immunity to Poison, Pestilence,
Immunity to Normal Weapons.
Weaknesses: Vulnerability (Fire), Decay

Zombie H+F (F-1)*2 F+2 1 1 1 F F-2 Humanoid

H = Hosts Attribute

Note: The zombie's Physical attributes depend on the Force of the
Spirit which inhabits it. Its Mental attributes reflect its nearly
mindless state and eternal hatred of evrything.

Decay Weakness:
Zombies decay. But the spirit in the body tries to prevent this.
Every time a number of weeks goes by equal to the Force of the spirit,
the Zombies Physical attributes decrease by 1. When all attributes
reach 1, the spirit is destroyed and the body rapidly decays to

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