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Message no. 1
From: Kay and Pete Hanson <kidkaos@******.NET>
Subject: Draconis Eyes and Genetic memory
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 1995 22:27:49 -0500
Is the Dragon's eye size an aid in gathering light at night, or in low light
situations, and in flight? As a research-biologist I have noticed the
enlarged eyes of all of the draconian forms. Owls and lemurs, for
example, have huge eyes and hunt at night, mostly. I know, they also listen
very carefully, but aren't those big eyes a sure help in hunting? The
question I'm really getting at is, are there dragons likely to have good
night vision? Of these possible night-active types of draconian forms, and
because they are preditory which are the most likely to be night hunters?
It seems to me that the general size of most Draconian eyes were huge, but
then again I don't have any skulls to look at, first hand. However, from printed
reproductions and TRID-V freeze frames, I can see that draco occidentalis
has Ghod-aweful big eyes.( It also seems that Draco orientallis has big
peepers also.) If dragons migrate, and/or raised their young together
they developed patterns that would have forced some night traveling or
watching.(Note I have not any proviable or printable evidence they do) Good
night vision would come in handy.
And an idea I call "genetic memory" has been rolling around my head for
some time now. Dr, Shipario stated this in Paradraconius Vertabrium
2051.5.13 It goes like this: Every generation passes on its genes. The
more complex the lifeform, the more genetic information is passed on. When
an successful individual lifeform reproduces with another successful
individual both contribute genes that was the essence of them. The
offspring of these may have 'talents' or 'skills' or 'instinctive behavior'
that better serve them to survive. Is it not possiblethat these genes carry
more than the physical attributes? Do they also carry magical ability, or
in the case of Draconius, the knowledge of an entirely new magical system?
if this were the case, draconius would not need to learn certain spells
and would explain many of the paranormal abilities. If you and I
instinctually 'knew' the of weather patterns, food sources, ect. life would
be much easier than having to learn EVERYTHING. So given the brain size and
intellect of draconius, this may explain the superior-intellectual
reasoning, an ability that they are already born with.
I should note that Dr. Shapario based his surmises of "genetic memory" on
the1990's thought about the fact that all baby humans are born "knowing"
how to swim. see (Clinical Psychology jan.1993)
Humbly subbmitted to the DragonWatch Society
by Dr. Reed Burgamont,


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