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Message no. 1
From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <oroboros@******.COM>
Subject: Dragons
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 23:38:03 -0800
All right. So when's the 'FAQ' coming out on how, precisely, we're
supposed to be posting about our large scaly 'friends'?

The (Dead) Wyrm of the .Net
Message no. 2
From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <oroboros@******.COM>
Subject: Re: Dragons
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 16:37:01 -0800
>>>>>[ Apologist, despite his name, is pretty much accurate; dragons of all
types are pretty smart creaturefolk. For example, Dunkelzahn is estimated
to have an IQ somewhere well above _350_, and it's known that Lofwyr runs
Saeder-Krupp quite nearly by himself, a feat that not even the best knowbot
computer systems can presently perform. Dr. Joshua Taylor (Cincinnati
Medical College) has communicated with me a private paper he wrote. According
to his studies, the 'average' dragon -- if there is such -- thinks at speeds
six to eight times faster than the normal human being. ]<<<<<
-- Doc Holiday (16:01:19/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ C'mon, Holiday, you gotta be drekkin' wit us. Cincinnati? Th'
is a drek-can. No serious work gets done in Cinti, outside of the old GM
aircraft plant or Proctologist's Gamble. ]<<<<<
-- Synthaman (16:15:05/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ Not true, Synthaman. Serpentine Wall is the second most active site
of Night of Rage ghosts; the things activate every night, like clockwork,
coming up out of the Ohio River. I know of several magical groups that study
the phenomenon, and Proctor and Gamble do a lot more than your implication
by way of their name would suggest. Dr. Taylor is a respected member of the
medical and teaching staff at CMC. ]<<<<<
-- Michael Lockwarden (16:20:18/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ Hey, if wizworms think so much faster -- and, considering that magic
a 'side effect' or whatever of thought and willpower -- why don't they whip
spells out like, pardon the pun, greased lightning? ]<<<<<
-- Nucleo (16:21:55/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ Consider a computer, Nuke. Certainly, a high-grade CPU works faster
by far than a low-grade CPU, but of both only have output devices that will
work within a certain range -- say, a Green-4 I/O or a Green-6 -- you're still
only gonna be able to get so much speed out of it. Capice'? ]<<<<<
-- Nix Net (16:24:59/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ Uh. Yeah. I guess. ]<<<<<
-- Nucleo (16:28:54/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ Gabbie, thanks -- I didn't catch Peri. There's some things you miss
when you do most of your culling in the CAS. And hey, Max Power, we never
got Holly Brighton to interview Ryumyo, but we still got his name, huh?
Guess the media's worth more than you think. ]<<<<<
-- Drake Watcher (17:35:05/03-25-56)
Message no. 3
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@****.CAIS.COM>
Subject: Re: Dragons
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 20:54:28 -0500
>>>>>[ Don't mention them by name! They'll see it! ]<<<<<
-- 24hrs (20:49:09/03-25-56)

>>>>>[ Settle down, 24hrs -- I hear we're as safe as possible here. And,
if you're that scared, you shouldn't even leave messages 'cause those can
usually be traced.
To get back to the discussion at hand, a while back Drake Watcher
posted a list culled out of the newsfeeds, and mentioned that Arleesh and
Hasselich might be dead. Does anybody have any specific information,
such as, was a body ever found? For that matter, how're they supposed to
have died? ]<<<<<
-- Stratuspherius (20:54:16/03-25-56)
Message no. 4
From: The Wyrm Ouroboros <oroboros@******.COM>
Subject: Re: Dragons
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 12:46:44 -0800
>>>>>[ Let me see. Arleesh was involved with a magical conflict with
dragon, over an ancient magical artifact. I don't have the other dragon's
name, unfortunately, but one dragon corpse was found. I don't know whose it
was, but I've heard strange rumors floating around that, if I put a very
little bit of effort to it, could be tied to this other dragon. On the other
hand, Amazonia has never confirmed that Arleesh is dead; maybe it'd be bad
for their PR or something, or maybe she really isn't.

Haesslich, on the other hand, was 'taken down' by a very organized shadowrun.
They had a bit of draconic help themselves, but what put the final nail in
the coffin was a Vindicator minigun. No, a body was never recovered, 'cause
it seems like Haesslich took a dive into the Sound. He hasn't resurfaced,
either, so.... ]<<<<<
-- Drake Watcher (12:21:50/03-26-56)

>>>>>[ Arleesh is alive and doing well. She works as an 'independant
contractor' for the group that took over Easter Island and renamed the place
'Avalon' back in 2048. ]<<<<<
-- Lord Knight (12:25:52/03-26-56)

>>>>>[ A dragon as a shadowrunner? Holy sweet Mary Mother of God...
-- Synthaman (12:28:25/03-26-56)

>>>>>[ Can you substantiate that, LK? ]<<<<<
-- Drake Watcher (12:28:48/03-26-56)

>>>>>[ To your satisfaction? Probably not, but I'll try.
-- Lord Knight (12:34:42/03-26-56)

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