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Message no. 1
Subject: Dragons in the 5th age
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 09:53:13 -0500
I'm sure I'm not the only one that enjoys adding individuality to dragons.
Not only does it keep PC's on their toes, it adds flavour to the game. Why
wouldn't different dragons have used different strategies to make it through
the low mana part of the cycle. Some could have hibernated, perhaps forming
some kind of anti-detection cloak around themselves with their ebbing magical
ability. This strategy might have been suited to a dragon with a more
lackadaisical personality. Others might have transformed into mundane
creatures. One suggestion was predators such as tigers. Some of the large
reptiles might also have been appropriate, such as komodo dragons or nile
monitors, maybe even gila monsters. There might be a problem with this theory,
as it is rather obvious from a dragon's 6 limbs that they are not taxonomically
the same as any vertebrate species on earth. Paranormal animals and
metahumanity always awakened as a new subspecies, and I doubt that Lofwyr would
appreciate being placed in the same category as a walnut-brained mundane
creature. However, if some dragons made a conscious decision to transform
into a mundane creature of their choice during the low mana part of the cycle,
this theory might work. It was also mentioned that they could transform into
part of the earth, such as a mountain or a lake. Again, it would all depend
on who the dragon was. By the way, I like the idea of this being why dragons
are pissed at humanity for wrecking the earth. Back to the taxonomy of dragons,
I think it's obvious that dragons are not from this world. However, if they
are from somewhere else, they came a long time ago, and have been here so long
that they are now part of the ecology of the planet. Though it may be
interesting do discuss, I don't think it is that relevant when deciding on
what their abilities should be like.

--<Take the Goat Hammer>

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