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Message no. 1
From: The GREAT Cornholio <mruane@***********.HACKS.ARIZONA.EDU>
Subject: Eastern Bloc Catalog
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 00:00:26 -0700
Alllllll righty, then.

First: Thank you to ALL who replied to the query! The response was
TREMENDOUS! But it led to a problem... there's no way this is going to
work-- withinreason.

New idea: Everyone who sent me mail will get added to a ShadowTK group
called UO Adivsory Staff. From there use characters to responto the
posts from UO. I will put up TWO new vehicles for comments every day.
After EXACTLY two days from my first post, the time for comments will be
over. I will then sift all the comments and delete
inappropriate comments, STUPID comments, or comments that had to be
edited out for the sake of the catalog. I will attempt to put pictures
in this sucker, so not all of the page is blank space. I reserve the
right to edit out and make final decisions on comments, design specs,
descriptions of vehicles, and vital statistics. Don't think you are
limited to dry discourse. All four of the main personalities have a
distinct personality, so color is also welcome.

Examples of stuff:

M1A1 MBT (u.S)

A cool tank that shot stuff (etc..etc..)

M1A1 50/120 4/4 1 2 800,000 nuyen
Seats: 5
Fuel: Plutonium reactor
Milage: 4 LY with a pellet
>>>>>[I heard that these tanks would run in herds off of cliffs like
-- Pasta-head (13:25:34/12-25-55)

>>>>>[My unit is as big as the cannon.]<<<<<
-- LD Silver (13:45:22/12-25-55)

>>>>>[These tanks are the fastest of all tanks.]<<<<<
-- Sam (13:45:23/12-25-55)
[Useable comment, but may be edited out for a better comment.]

>>>>>[My grandfather drove one of these tanks. He said his unit ALWAYS
had trouble with Fuel Lines. Personally, I think this tank rivals the
Challenger as the best made tank in the world.]<<<<<
-- M1 Lobbyist (13:45:24/12-25-55)
[Good comment with good color. Probably a keeper.]

>>>>>[The M1? Best tank? No way. The German Brachtwurst Panzer was a
much better tank for its day since it had anti-missile ECM. Let's face
it, the M1 was designed to take head-on cannon shells, not FBW infantry
fired missiles in the side.]<<<<<
-- Sprockets (13:45:25/12-25-55)
[Again, a good comment, and a good reaction. Not everyone agrees with a
comment, and some people downright LIE.]

So have fun. I'll start sending the design specs to the list on Monday,
Feb 20. You have until then to send me mail saying you want to be on the
commentator list. If you're not added by then, you CAN be added late,
but you may miss out on some classic vehicles.

Mike, TGC
Message no. 2
From: David Joshua Lute <lutdav@*****.ACS.BETHEL.EDU>
Subject: Re: Eastern Bloc Catalog
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 09:59:04 -0600
confirm shadowrun


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