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Message no. 1
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Edge Runners Character #1
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 10:47:23 +0100
Gurth <Gurth@******.nl>

Name: Jack Wlliams
Aliases: none
Sex: male
Metaspecies/Race: Caucasoid Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Residence: Seattle, UCAS
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 63 kg
Eyes: chrome (original: brown)
Hair: dark blond
Distinguishing Features: always wears a black cap
Birthdate: July 9, 2032
Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS
Psychological Profile: all-round nice guy
Known Allergies: none
Lifestyle: High

Background: Jack Williams comes from a poor area of Redmond, Seattle,
UCAS. He grew up in a world of gangs and violence, making him seek for any way
possible to get out. How he came to be a shadowrunner is not known, but by 2050
he could be counted among the better ones. Williams "retired" in 2051 after
a small number of highly profitable shadowruns. What went down during these runs
is something Williams declines to discuss, likely for fear of whoever he dealt with
during that time catching up with him, if he opens his mouth about them (or it).
>From the money they made as shadowrunners, Williams and one of his
teammates (a street samurai named Bill Bailey) opened a bar-annex-shop in Seattle,
known as Runner's Delight. The shop and bar are linked by an open doorway,
with the shop selling all kinds of strictly-legal things that
shadowrunners might find useful.

Skills: Although Jack Williams once was a shadowrunner, his skills are not what
they once were, which is what can be expected after a number of years in virtual
retirement. A brief spell as a decker, in 2051, left him with the basic skills needed
for that line of work.
Williams has spent five years running his bar, and although it has been raided by
both Lone Star and Knight Errant on a number of ocassions, no illegal equipment or
substances of any kind have ever been found. Whether he, therefore, deals in more
than just the obvious is something that cannot be proven. The suspicion is there,

>>>>>[As you'll have guessed, legal drek isn't all they sell. If they know
you, you'll be allowed a look at their not-so-legal stocks of the things a shadowrunner
really needs.]<<<<<
_Bullet (17:36:03/1-28-56)

Jack Williams
Body: 6
Quickness: 6
Strength: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 5
Reaction: 6
Essence: 4.1
Initiative: 6+2D6
Threat/Prof.: 3/4

Armed Combat: 5
Biotech: 4
Car: 2
Computer (Software, Decking): 5
Electronics (Maglocks spec.): 4
Etiquette (Corporate): 4
Etiquette (Street): 7
Firearms: 6
Negotiation: 5
Rotorcraft: 2
Special Skill: Evaluate: 6
Special Skill: Run Bar: 5
Throwing Weapons: 4
Unarmed Combat: 4
City Speak: 5

Boosted Reflexes (1)
Electronic Magnification (3)
Flare Compensation
Fingertip Compartment
with Monowhip
Retractable Hand Razors
with Improved Blades

2050-vintage Fuchi Cyber-6
Armor Jacket (5/3)
Browning MaxPower (smartlink)
CMDT (shock pads, smartlink)
DocWagon Contract (Gold)
Fine Clothing (0/0)
Lined Coat (4/2)
Wrist Phone

Notes: Runner's Delight not only sells legal gear; in the back room is a lot of the sort
of equipment shadowrunners typically use. This is only sold to people known to the
owners, so getting at it might prove a bit hard. It is not known how or where this
gear is hidden during police raids, but somehow they manage this every time.

Black Market Rating: 8
Information Rating: 6

Gurth@******.nl -
Will I still be waiting for somebody else to understand?
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Message no. 2
From: Paul Jonathan Adam <Paul@********>
Subject: Re: Edge Runners Character #1
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 1996 00:42:24 GMT
Paul J. Adam <paul@********>
Name: Jason Running Wolf Lynch
Aliases: James Lassiter, Christopher Mitchell, Andrew Prince
Sex: Male
Metaspecies/Race: Caucasoid Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Residence: Federal District of Columbia, UCAS
Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 84 kg
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black (going grey)
Distinguishing Features: Severe scarring covering most of left arm, used
to lend relief to a dramatic dragon tattoo
Birthdate: July 4, 2025
Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS
Psychological Profile: Professional soldier. Has never been known to break
his word, has never been known to forgive betrayal.
Known Allergies: None
Lifestyle: High

Lynch began his career as a mercenary at the age of fourteen, and more by
luck than skill survived a few ghastly assignments. However, with survival
came experience, and he became sufficiently respected that when Ares needed
victims - sorry, experimental subjects - for the then-newly developed
Wired Reflexes II system in 2044, Lynch was willing to try it.

He was one of the 60% who survived the operations in a functional state:
implantation of this experimental hardware then was not all it is now. Now,
he was one of the fastest individuals alive, and Ares contracted him to
work for their Security Division.

In 2049, his contract expired, Lynch tried his hand at shadowrunning. He
soon earned a reputation... whether it was a good or bad one is open to
question. A series of assassination attempts in 2051 led to the first
of several attempts to retire. However, it appeared that whoever had
targeted him wanted him dead, not retired, and so a return to the shadows
was almost essential for survival. The second attempt to retire was in 2054,
when he accepted an instructor's post with Lone Star. A clash with several
'rogue elements' left him jobless, though owed a number of favours by
LS Internal Affairs. His third attempt to put the shadows behind him
has so far been fairly successful, as he made contact with the FBI in a
matter of 'extreme sensitivity' concerning a popular cult and ended up
being offered a post there: hence, his move to DC.

Skills: Lynch remains a formidable opponent in combat, and a skilled helicopter
pilot willing to extract comrades from almost any situation. Now, he keeps
his abilities honed supporting the FBI's anti-terrorism units.

>>>>>[There used to be a saying in Seattle, "If you need it done
don't hire Lynch. If you need it done, hire Lynch. Still true now. If you
run into him, or worse, get teamed with him, wear your Kevlar underpants
because you're gonna get a ringside seat at a bulletfest. He tends to end
up on those 'extreme prejudice' missions.]<<<<<
-Logger (17:36:03/2-1-56)

>>>>>[One of those guys who ought to have "Bad Mother Fragger"
bowdlerised for our younger audience) tattooed on his forehead. The
worst of it is, like a lot of his type, you'll never see him copping
a 'tude or showing off. Just a greying old guy in a ratty leather
jacket and those damn black aviator shades he never takes off. Try to
start a fight with him, he agrees you're right and walks away. Kind of
frustrating after a while.]<<<<<
-Fenris (18:41:24/2-1-56)

>>>>>[Just a combat grunt, although a very competent one. Heavily cybered
and biowared, much of it custom-grade. Good at what he does, which is killing
people and breaking things. And extracting team-mates from the jaws of death.
Fenris, you're lucky he keeps walking away. I've seen him get really, really
angry about three times. That was two times too many.]<<<<<
-Silver (23:56:38/1-2-56)

>>>>>[Don't confuse 'knows his limits' with 'stupid', though. One thing
Lynch seems to have learned and learned well: choose your team-mates well,
and know when to retreat and call for backup.
All right, that's two things. So sue me.]<<<<<
-Barak (01:22:51/2-2-56)

Jason Lynch

Body: 5(6)
Quickness: 6(8)
Strength: 6(8)
Charisma: 4(8)
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 6
Reaction: 7
Essence: 0.55
Initiative: 12+3D6/8+2d6 rigging
Threat/Prof.: 8/4

Firearms: 10
Unarmed Combat: 9
Armed Combat: 8
Biotech: 5
Gunnery 6
Rotor Wing Aircraft: 7
Etiquette (Corporate): 5
Etiquette (Street): 7
Stealth: 8
Demolitions: 6
Throwing Weapons: 6
Motorbike 5
Leadership 5
Military Theory 5

Special Skill: Musician, Fender Stratocaster, 7
Special Skill: Military History 6

English: 8
Cityspeak: 6
Japanese: 6
Russian: 5
Spanish: 5
Finnish: 4

Wired Reflexes (2)
Vehicle Control Rig (1)
Plastic Bone Lacing
Cybereyes with:
Optical Magnification (3)
Flare Compensation
Low Light
Basic Eye Lights
Display Link
Damper Hearing
Amplified Hearing
Select Sound Filter V
Retractable Spur (DiKoted)
Hand Blade (DiKoted)
2 Smartlink II
Radio with:
Commlink X
Crypto Circuit 9
Scramble Breaker 8
Skillwires III

Damage Compensators V
Extended Volume III
Synthicardium II
Enhanced Articulation
Symbiotes III
Tailored Pheromones III

Armor Jacket (5/3) (old leather biker style)
Colt Python (smartlink II, IGV-II, 9M damage, SA fire, 6/Cyl ammo, conceal. 5)
2 Ares Predators, smartlink II, IGV-II
FN-HAR, shock pad, smartlink II, IGV-IV, bipod
BMW Blitzen 2050 (grey, rather battered-looking)
DocWagon Contract (Platinum)

Black Market Rating: 5
Information Rating: 7

"When you have shot and killed a man, you have defined your attitude towards
him. You have offered a definite answer to a definite problem. For better
or for worse, you have acted decisively.
In fact, the next move is up to him." <R.A. Lafferty>

Paul J. Adam paul@********
Message no. 3
From: GKoth2258@***.com
Subject: Re: Edge Runners Character #1
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 16:43:40 -0500
YES! Lynch is the sort of character I, personally, as the editor/writer of
the first Edge Runners, like to see!!

One problem however. Is all that cyber standard grade? It doesn't look
like. Mr. Adams, you need to resubmit that portion of the character.

BTW, I will be submitting, in a day or two, a character owned by Sebastion
Wiers. He sent me "Mongoose" last Spring when I made my ill-timed, ill-fated
attempt at ER II. Not a major ass-kicker, but still appropriate for Edge
Runners. And in case you are wondering, I have his express approval to do

Message no. 4
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Re: Edge Runners Character #1
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 10:51:48 +0100
GKoth2258@***.COM said on 4 Feb 96...

> YES! Lynch is the sort of character I, personally, as the editor/writer of
> the first Edge Runners, like to see!!

And we finally get to see what Lynch really is, so we have something to
compare to all the stories on ShadowRN :)

Gurth@******.nl -
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