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Message no. 1
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Edge Runners Character #2
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 10:47:23 +0100
Gurth <Gurth@******.nl>

Name: Steven Lewis Junior
Aliases: none
Sex: male
Metaspecies/Race: Negroid Homo Sapiens Nobilis
Residence: Montlake, Central Downtown, Seattle, UCAS
Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 78 kg
Eyes: chrome (original: brown)
Hair: black, long
Distinguishing Features: none
Birthdate: March 17, 2030
Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS
Psychological Profile: "who cares?" attitude, firm believer in cyberware,
Known Allergies: sunlight, mild
Lifestyle: Middle

Background: Coming from a family with money, why Steve Lewis started to run the
shadows is not something even he appears to know. Most likely he doesn't care
much about that question either. It is known he has had some ties with a minor
Seattle gang in the past, but is currently running as the rigger/samurai in a group
of four shadowrunners based in Seattle. This group disappeared somewhere in
the UCAS in late 2055, but reappeared in Seattle some months later. Where they
went and what they did there is not known.
Steve Lewis is mainly a car-rigger, although he can pilot helicopters as well.
This interest started when he bought his first car in 2046, which he rebuilt and
fine-tuned whenever he had the money to buy spare parts. After he started
shadowrunning he had a vehicle control rig implanted to work with his vehicle more
efficiently; this led to more cyberware after losing his eyes to stray bullet, and
eventually a new right hand because of the increased possibilities it offered.
(Lewis has various replacable fingers with him at all times, each with different
tools or gadgets built in. He fits the ones he is likely to need into the hand.)
Lewis likes obvious cyberware. His body heavily enhanced, although the majority
of his cyberware consists of small pieces for various uses. Most of the visible
cyberware has a high-chrome finish, which he regularly polishes. He believes
people will do what you want if you can make them think they should be afraid of
you, using his cyberware to this end -- often removing one or more fingers from
his right (cyber) hand and replacing them by others, or toying with his spurs, in
full sight of the people he is dealing with.

Skills: Steve Lewis can do a lot of different things, though he doesn't
stand out in any of them. He started his shadowrunning carreer as a rigger,
but gradually had so much cyberware installed that he can function as a
street samurai with little trouble. On top of that, he has recently started playing
the guitar, though his skills in this area leave a lot to be desired...

>>>>>[It seems the UCAS government had something to do with that
During the time they were missing, Steve & buddies were apparently spotted in
Quebec commiting various felonies, but they've not been arrested. The UCAS
government denies ever having heard of them, but soon after they left, a
front company for an undercover CIA team in Quebec ceased trading, too.
Not to mention there was a large explosion at the site of a "charity
organization" in Quebec city.]<<<<<
_ASDF (**:**:**/#-#-##)

Steve Lewis
Body: 5(6) [7]
Quickness: 7
Strength: 5
Charisma: 8(12)
Intelligence: 6(8)
Willpower: 6
Reaction: 6(8)
Body Index: 2.85
Essence: 0
Initiative: 8+1D6*
Threat/Professional: 4/4

[ ] denotes active artificial heart
* 11+3D6 when rigged

Car (Passenger Vehicles): 5(6)
Computer: 4(5)
Etiquette (Corporate): 2(6)
Etiquette (Street): 3(7)
Firearms: 4(5)
Ground Vehicles B/R: 5(6)
Guitar: 2
Gunnery: 4(5)
Musical Composition: 3
Rotorcraft (Fixed Rotor): 4
Stealth: 4(5)
Unarmed Combat: 4(5)
American Sign Language: 4

(note: some of the gear, bioware and cyberware is from Cyberpunk 2020's
Chromebooks, adapted to Shadowrun.)

Cybereyes (Alpha grade)
Flare Compensation
Cyberhand (right)
Removable Fingers
Datajack (3)
Encephalon (2)
FIFF Memory (57 Mp)
Plastic Bone Lacing
Retractable Spur (dikoted)
Skillwires Plus (3)
Smartlink II
Softlink (2)
Vehicle Control Rig (2)
Wearman #2 Speakers

Cerebral Booster (1)
Enhanced Articulation
Pacesetter Sport Heart
Reflex Recorder (Car, Passenger Vehicles)
Tailored Phermones (2) (cultured)

Athletics: 3
Biotech (First Aid): 3
Etiquette (Corporate): 3
Etiquette (Elven): 3
Etiquette (Media): 3
Etiquette (Street): 3
Etiquette (Tribal): 3
Salish: 4
Spanish: 4
Stealth (Urban): 3
Tupi: 3
Vectored Thrust (GMC Banshee): 3
Winged: 4

Armor Jacket (5/3)
Cheap Electric Guitar
Cyber-controlled Remote Control Deck, 1 port
Forearm Guards
Ingram Smartgun SMG (rangefinder, smartlink II, fires APDS)
Leyland-Rover Transport (enclosed-box cab, Body 6, Armor 6, pop-up turret
with LMG and HMG, many other modifications)
MCT-Nissan Rotodrone (security variant, with shotgun and assault rifle)
Militech Crusher shotgun (smartlink II, fires Explosive rounds)
Pocket Computer (70 Mp)
Saab Dynamit (Body 5, Armor 3, other modifications)
Secure Long Coat (4/2)
Sig-Sauer P300 pistol (customized, rangefinder, smartlink II)
Sikorski-Bell Microskimmer
Vehicle Facility
Wrist Phone with Screen

Notes: Steve has developed some pyromaniacal tendencies lately. Not that
he's setting fire to buildings just for the hell of it, but if something needs to be done
that can be done by setting fire to it (or to something else), that's what
he'll try if given the chance.
He also has this tendency to only just notice things -- that is, to roll just one success
on most Perception tests he makes, regardless of the target number.
The American Sign Language is used to communicate silently with another team
member during runs; Steve's never been deaf, but the two thought sign language
would come in handy sometimes.
Oh, and he has a passionate hatred for racism, and especially against hate-groups
promoting it.

Black-market Rating: 3
Information Rating: 5

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