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Message no. 1
From: "Mad Dog (aka Timothy Sven Nelson)" <tsn@******>
Subject: Edge Runners Character (Yak the Fantabulous)
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 01:54:54 +1100 (EST)
Tim Nelson (tsn@******

Name: Sven Nielssen
Aliases: Yak the Fantabulous
Sex: Male
Metaspecies/Race: Caucasoid Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Residence: Seattle, UCAS
Height: about 1.75m
Weight: unknown
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Distinguishing Features: currently a goatee, but this may change
Birthdate: July 26, 2036
Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
Psychological Profile: unknown, but seems well-adjusted.
Known Allergies: none
Lifestyle: High

Background: Sven Nielssen is the son of Niels Sigurson, a farmer, and
his wife, Ingrid Hjalmersdottir. Born in Topeka, Kansas, he lived half
of his first sixteen years on a nearby farm, and spent the other half in
Sweden, visiting one side or the other of his family. He has a dual
UCAS-Swedish citizenship.

At the age of fifteen, he began hanging around the centres of nearby
towns (such as Topeka). He watched other people get drunk and take
drugs. One night, when most of the people he knew were lying under
tables, another young man who introduced himself only as Bjorn invited
Sven over to his RV to talk, and listen to music. It was here that he
first heard the Bob Dylan classic "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". It was
here that Bjorn told him that he was magically dormant. He was
sceptical at first, but when Bjorn showed him how to access astral
space, he believed. He returned many nights to listen to more Bob
Dylan, learn Sorcery and the rudiments of Enchanting, and drink grape
juice (mostly soygrape, but real at the time of year his grapevine was

As soon as he turned 19, he told his parents that he wanted to develop
his magic more. They didn't mind that. It was his wanting to go to
Seattle to do it that bothered them. He went to Seattle and became the
SINless person known only as Yak the Fantabulous. He had a reasonable
amount of money, and used it to learn more skills from some shadow
people and gang members. He learned some more spells, better Enchanting,
Conjuring, and some rudiments in the use of Firearms.

One day, as he and his new friends Pacman, a street samurai, Bruce, an
elven shaman, Lucky, a rigger, were dropping in at the Stuffer Shack,
they were attacked by some crazy gangers. They defeated the gangers and
made an exit presto before the heat dropped in.

>>>>>[This guy sounds deceptively soft. But he can put a team of people
to sleep before they know what hit them, and his friends help keep
trouble off his back. ]<<<<<

>>>>>[Too right. I tried to rip him off once, and his friends told him
I was charging four times the value, and I ended up having to give him
15% off]<<<<<

>>>>>[He may be soft, but he knows biz is biz. ]<<<<<


Body: 3 Sorcery: 6
Quickness: 4(8) Conjuring: 4
Strength: 3 Enchanting: 5
Charisma: 5 Magical Theory (Design): 3(5)
Intelligence: 6 Harmonica: 3
Willpower: 5 Firearms (Pistol): 2(4)
Essence: 6 Unarmed Combat (Aikido): 2(4)
Magic: 8(11) Ettiquette (Street): 1
Initiative: 5(7) +1d6 English: 8
Professional Rating: 4 Swedish: 6
Combat Pool: 7(9)
Magic Pool: 6(9)

Wrist Phone
Radio (in Helmet, Encryption Level 8)
Chromatic Harmonica
DocWagon Contract (Platinum)
Level 6 Trauma Patch
Deluxe Stabilization Unit
Goggles (Lo-lite, Thermo, Ultrasound, Smart, etc, etc...)
2 x Ares Predator
Walther Palm Pistol
Enough Fetishes
Lined Coat (4/2)
Security Helmet w/ Dikote (2/3)
Full Suit Heavy Armour w/ Dikote (9/7)
Honda Viking (w/ M107)
Level 3 Power Focus

Grade 2 Initiate (Harmonica Centering)
Oath Ordeal Done
Link Ordeal Done
Quickened Increase Cybered Quickness +4

Type Force Deeds Notes
Earth 3 5 Greater Elemental
Air 3 7
Fire 5 5
Water 8 2

Type Fetishes Force Exclusive
Mana Bolt 4
Powerball Transistor 1(5) x
Ram Ram's Horn Dust 1(5) x
Sleep Feather 1(5) x
Stunbolt Wire 2(4)
Increase Cybered Quickness +4 Mercury 1(5) x
Heal Moderate Wounds Staff 2(4)
Improved Invisibility Quartz 1(3)
Levitate Item Ring 1(5) x
Magic Fingers String 1(2)
Bearform Hair 1(3)
Falconform Bird Bones 3(5)
Shrewform Grass 1(3)

Notes: In this case, Aikido can only be used to defend. So Yak cannot
initiate unarmed combat at that level. Also, we've got this rule about
languages that, when a character starts, he gets his Intelligence + 2 in
his native language, and his Intelligence in any other languages he
wants (as long as he can provide a reason). If anyone really hates it, I
can take it out, but it often gives people a good idea for a background.

Black-market Rating: 4 Information Rating: 5

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