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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
Subject: FAQ part A
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 10:46:47 +0100
Welcome to NERPS,

This document contains the first part of the NERPS FAQ. It will explain to
you the basics of what the NERPS project is and how to get on and off the
mailing list. Additional information will be included in Part B of the FAQ,
which is sent to new subscribers and posted periodically to the mailing

Thanks for your interest,

The NERPS Listowners

Mark Imbriaco <mark@******.net> "New Fearless Leader"
Adam Jury <fro@***> "Assistant Fearless Leader"
Gurth <gurth@******.nl> "NERPS Project Leader"

Frequently Asked Questions for NERPS@********.ITRIBE.NET part A
Version 5.40 (10-12-96)

Compiled by Gurth <gurth@******.nl> based on earlier versions of this FAQ
by Robert Hayden <hayden@*******> and J.D. Falk


1. What is NERPS?
2. How do I subscribe to NERPS?
3. How do I post to NERPS?
4. How do I unsubscribe to NERPS?
5. How do I reconfirm my subscription
6. Other Important Majordomo Commands.
7. Why am I getting deleted from the list for no reason?
8. Why does the list reject postings from my account?
9. HELP! Mail from the list has stopped coming, but I'm still subscribed!

1. What is NERPS?

NERPS (Net Enhancements for Role Playing Shadowrun) is a mailing list that
serves as a committee base for a group of individuals spending time
organizing and writing up a series of net.shadowrun manuals. These manuals
contain a variety of material of interest to Shadowrun players, taking the
shape of new optional rules, new spells, equipment, non-player characters,
archetypes, and anything else that might be deemed useful or interesting
for enhancing the Shadowrun game setting.

The specific project(s) the list is currently working on is detailed in
Part B of this FAQ, and changes periodically. Also in Part B is a list of
the NERPS projects that have been completed in the past.


2. How do I subscribe to NERPS?

To subscribe, you must send a control message to the mailing list
processor at To do this, send email with the following

TO: listserv@***
SUBJECT: <leave blank>
MESSAGE TEXT: subscribe nerps

In a little while you should get email instructing you how to confirm your
subscription request. Simply follow the instructions and you will soon
start getting regular postings.


3. How do I post to NERPS?

To post to NERPS, you send your posting via email to


4. How do I unsubscribe from NERPS?

To unsubscribe, you must send a control message to the mailing list
processor at To do this, send email with the following

TO: majordomo@***
SUBJECT: <leave blank>
MESSAGE TEXT: unsubscribe nerps

In a little while you should get email confirming your unsubscription


5. How do I reconfirm my subscription?

From time to time while you are subscribed to the lists, you may get a
message from the Majordomo list processor that requests that you reconfirm
that you still want to be on the list.

If you wish to stay on the list, you need to follow the instructions in
your confirmation request.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer wish to be on the list, you can
simply wait for two weeks and your subscription will timeout and you will
be removed from the list.


6. Other Important Listproc-Lite Commands.

There are many commands you can give to the mailing list processor in
order to change how your subscription works.

Ask for digests or message indexes rather than getting messages
as they are posted

Sending this command will give you a listing and brief
descriptions of all available commands, including some not
listed here.

Sends you an email describing all the commands anyone would ever
need or ever want for Listproc-Lite.


7. Why am I getting deleted from the list for no reason?

99% of the time, the reason you are deleted from the list (by the
listowner) is because for some reason mail is bouncing off of your

Usually this is caused by one of two reasons. Either A) your account is
filled and can't hold any more or B) for some reason your account is not
available (either the machine or your account is down). When this happens,
it causes an error message to be sent back to the list. The list software
attempts to detect error messages and route them to the listowner.
Sometimes, though, the error is not detected by the listserv software and
the error gets reported to the list. This causes the error message to get
sent our to all subscribers, including the person who is bouncing mail.
This leads to a loop that really messes things up. An example of this
occured on the ShadowRN list on 8 April 1996, when one account bounced mail
back to the list. Some 400 large messages, devoid of any useful text, were
the result of this.

Thus, standard procedure when an error message is reported it to delete the
subscription of the person causing the error.

Once the problem has been fixed (you are back on the net or have room), you
are, of course, free to join the list again.

NOTE: Please do not send subscription questions to the Project Leader, as
he has no power over these matters. Instead, address them to the New
Fearless Leader, Mark Imbriaco <mark@******.net> or the Assistant Fearless
Leader, Adam Jury <fro@***>.


8. Why does the list reject postings from my account?

As part of some security features installed, the list will only accept
mailings that come from the same address your subscription is registered
on. This is to prevent non-list people from flooding the mailboxes of
dozens of people.

Because of this, if you attempt to post from another account or machine,
your message will be rejected. Please read the error message enclosed with
your rejection and determine what you must do to fix it in the future.


9. HELP! Mail from the list has stopped coming, but I'm still subscribed!

Mail has an annoying characteristic in that, while most of the time it is
instantaneous, there are times when it can take up to two weeks to go from
one computer to another that is located three meters away (much like snail
mail, eh?).

If mail suddenly suddenly stops coming, wait at least 48 hours before you
contact the listowner. Very likely a link is down between you and the list,
and as soon as that link comes back up, you will get all of the old

Also note that the listowner won't be able to help at all in terms of mail
not arriving. All he can do is to verify that you are indeed subscribed,
anything beyond that is under the control of someone else.

A thing to keep in mind is that the list processor is not 100% error-
free. You may be semi-unsubscribed for unexplicable reasons, in which case
you will not receive any NERPS list mail, and when you send a message to
the list, it will not be bounced back to you, nor will it be distributed.
If you suspect this to be the case (for example, if you have sent something
to the list and have not seen it appear there), try re-subscribing.


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