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Message no. 1
From: Mark Steedman <RSMS@******.EEE.RGU.AC.UK>
Subject: FASA - upcoming for SR
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 09:01:12 GMT
Here is the list of upcoming FASA sourcebooks i have
it is rather old and was origonally posted to America online, i got
it back from the wolrd wide web, hace the RTF references but have
deleted the formatting commands so as to tidy it up

See - organised crime Sept95 ???


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News from FASA

Shadowrun 94-95 Release Schedule
by FASA Mike &lt;FASA Mike@***.com&gt

[This is the latest news from FASA, posted on America Online a couple
weeks ago. Aroooo]
Here is the Shadowrun schedule through 1995. This line-up is really
strong on
source material with two new rule books, 3 new place books, and some
added fun
from the corps, the Yakuza, and cyborgs. The Shadowrun novels are
scheduled and titled. ROC has final say on shipping and title name.
I'll update
this list as new items and dates are given.

November 1994:

Harlequin's Back
Our favorite Elf stopping the ultimate evil, with nothing but a bunch
of player
characters to help.
Authors: Tom Dowd, Mike Nystul, Paul Hume, Carl Sargent, Nigel
Findley, and
Steve Kenson.

Prime Runners
The movers and shakers...denizens of the sprawl...Johnsons and
contacts. They
are all here. This book is full of game hooks and GM information on
helping to
use these characters in existing campaigns.
Authors: Carl Sargent and Marc Gasgione

December 1994:

Divided Assets
Set in Denver, the PC's are hired to pull a typical corp extraction .
Everything goes fine until the final assets are drawn up and one
child doesn't
seem to be accounted for.
Author: Tom Dowd

January 1995:

Bug City
It's a city and its full of bugs....find out what happens when the
comes in. Read Burning Bright for more info &lt;G&gt;
Authors: Tom Dowd and others

February 1995:

Corporate Security Sourcebook
Knowledge is power... Know your enemies... tag lines every runner
knows. So
then this treatise on the how the corps do security is a must.
Author: Mike Colton

March 1995:

Running Short
A set of small adventures that the can be run with smaller groups or
individual PC.
Authors: Various

Who Hunts the Hunter
Shadowrun Novel by Nyx Smith
Against her will, the shapeshifter Tikki is lured back into the world
of the
two-leggers, when a corporation kidnaps her cub.

May 1995:

Aztlan Sourcebook
Can this be the most Frightening evil place in Shadowrun? Maybe...
Author: Nigel Findley

House of the Sun
Shadowrun Novel by Nigel Findley
There's a dark side to Paradise and hopefully it can be stopped
before it takes
control of everything.

July 1995:

No essence and yet still alive...How?.. An even better question is
That's right the long awaited cyborg book.
Author: Tom Dowd and others

August 1995:

Techno-Shaman (Virtual Realities 2)
Virtual Realities, the deckers bible gets updated. Faster play, new
rules, new
characters... even more secret stuff.
Authors: N/A

September 1995:

Tentative Title: Organized Crime
You fight the corps....You fight Lone Star....You fight the Yakuza.
You got
info on the corps and on Lone Star, and now you'll have it on the
Yakuza, the
Mafia and many other "families".
Author: Nigel Findley

October 1995:

Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Magic
The Grimoire is OK for those scholarly types, but the magically
active runner
needs a whole different perspective and here it is. Plus, more
physical adept
powers, because you asked for it.
Author: Paul Hume

[If you have an AOL account, you can send a request to FASA Mike
for access to the FASA playtest area (maybe you'll get it), where you
can get a
look at the playtest version of this pub. Its a wiz file.

December 1995:

Tentative Title: California Free State Sourcebook
California, here we come... Gangs, Hollywood, and everything else...
Author: Steve Perrin

There are only 2 novels listed at this time due to scheduling with
ROC, I'll
notify everyone when more are announced.

Have Fun!
Play Games!
Hoi Chummer!

[I'll pass along any news I hear. Aroooo]

NAGEE 6, FASA News - aroooo@*****.net


as you can see they get ever more scary as you go down the list, the
last one i saw is BUg city but the Corporate Secuirty Guidebook must
be due any time. (i don't know if it's out in America yet as they can
take time to get here if customs decides to sit on em)



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