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Message no. 1
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Feedback-induced modifications to the copyright notice...
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 09:14:37 +0100
After David's comments about nitpicking lawyers, I've made some mods to
the copyright notice, as you can see below. The main changes are in the
1995/196 date, and the provision for modifying it for your own use only.

Read on and shiver :)


The copyright to each article is held by its original author, (c) 1995
and/or 1996. All rights reserved. No part of an article may be reproduced
without prior permission from the author in question. The copyright to
this compilation is held by Gurth (who is not going to give away his real
name :) (c) 1996.

Shadowrun is a registered trademark of FASA Corporation. This NERPS book
may only be distributed if no profit is gained from the distribution,
that is, at no charge to the recipient other than that needed to cover
the distribution. Also, it must be left completely intact and unmodified
when distributed. Yes, completely. That means you can change it for your
own, personal use, but you might get a visit from one of our Force 10
elementals if you distribute those modified copies... So don't, 'kay?

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