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From: Kay and Pete Hanson <kidkaos@******.NET>
Subject: Female Dragons
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:25:56 -0600
There has been a lot of mention that the only dragons (except Arlesh, who
is a feathered serpent) are male. Someone pointed out that this was likely
because it is a male world, and maybe there are only male dragons, I would
like to propose a different scenario.
in human religions, most dragons before the Middle ages were female. Most
dragons were also refered to in religious text. (Exception being from
Beowolf and the Norse traditions and some of the Oriental traditions)
Women's religions mention the serpent mother, or portray Goddesses as
holding serpents/dragons or being serpents/dragons. Eatern traditions name
both female and male dragons
Since it has been pointed out that SR is fairly male, what if the female
dragons just aren't into the 'corporate' world. What if they are instead
influencing small magic groups, religious groups (all those neo-pagans :)
or just not taking an active interest in a lot of human affairs.
in our campaign world we have a valley in South America that is used as a
brooding valley for raising the young. The females spend a lot of time
there and patroling the area to keep out 'undesirables.'
The females may also be bigger. If they are similar to dinosaurs the
female would be bigger. In the majoriity of animal spieciea the female is
bigger. Mammals, some birds, and in only a few other species are the males
the largest. Also if they are like some dinosaurs there bones could be
hollow. There is some evidence that large dinosaurs (perhaps even t-rex)
the mother may have hunted with the young and juvinials until they were big
enough to carve out there own territory. (This comes from following the
Dinosaur Listserv for the last 2 months)
Can you imagine running into Momma and a pack of Juvinial hunters? It
would make Lofty look tame :)
I think that you shouldn't underestimate the idea of females, just because
they're not active in SR now dosen't mean they aren't around.
The other thing we have added is the concept of mating flights. Several
of the males and one female will fly a mating flight. The males try to keep
up while battling off the other males using flying techniques, acrobatics etc.
The female chooses or excepts the last male in the air, the mating takes
place in air, in a special sacred 'dance/flight' in order for any male to
take place in the flight, they have to bring the female a special token for
her hoard.
The female goes to an incubation area and after a period of times lays her
eggs in one of the sacred brooding areas, (as perhaps was mentioned in
passing in one of the novels)
Well anyway, I guess I am a hopeless romantic...anyway i felt it was
necessary to offer some ideas from the 'femine' side.

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