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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: G-008-a: tech, taser-razor
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 22:52:49 -0500
SUBMISSION : Taser/Hand Razor Combination
DESIGNER : Michael Crowley
E-MAIL : mcrowley@******
This item is a new device for those scrupulous razorguys and gals
out there who need to bring somebody down quick, and discreetly,
and didn't bring a Panther Cannon to do it with. It is basically
hand razors, modified to a shape that allows good aerodynamics, as
well as being slightly detachable. Attached to the tips of the
hand razors, which can be installed in any or all fingers
(excluding the thumb) of either hand without much room being taken
up, are spools of very thin conductive wire that run back to a
tiny, high-voltage battery.

The entire setup is separately insulated. Due to the need for
such insulation, however, these devices cannot be installed
without at the very least a cybernetic hand replacement. The
battery is in its own small compartment, with an access door
optional for quick replacement. If more than one finger is set up
to hold a dart, all of the wires run back to the same battery, but
the battery must be of a higher grade (see table below). The
battery can only be used once per level, counting each separate
dart as a separate use. Smartgun adaptors may not be used with
these weapons.

Upon firing the dart(s), the attacker makes a typical firearms
success test, just as if he/she was firing a regular taser.
Each additional dart fired at one time is affected just the same
as a shot would be affected by recoil, (i.e. +1 TN modifier), and
is rolled for separately as if it was a totally different shot,
which it is. Regardless of whether the dart(s) hit or not, a
charge goes down the wire to the tip of the dart(s) upon contact.
If they hit their intended target, the victim must defend against
10S2 (stun) damage, adjusted by whatever extra successes the
attacker might have. If the victim takes deadly stun damage from
this weapon alone, he/she is paralyzed for 2D6 turns. After
discharging, if the option is bought, the darts may be rolled back
into place, but this action makes the hand inactive for 2 turns,
in order for the tiny motor to do its work.

Name/option Cost

Taser/Razor Combo, one dart
no battery 11,000 nY
Each additional dart 1,000 nY
Grade 1 battery 200 nY
Grade 2 battery 450 nY
Grade 3 battery 750 nY
Grade 4 battery 1,000 nY
Battery replacement door 200 nY
Dart & Wire retractor 1,500 nY

Any comments appreciated.


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