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Message no. 1
From: John A Garrison <pac-man13@****.COM>
Subject: General knowledge
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 12:59:41 EDT
These are just some of my rules of general knowledge that I
compiled from my GM'ing experiences.

RULE 1: Don't piss off your GM.
( The GM rules, he can drop a fireplace on you at anytime.)

RULE 2: Be realistic.
( One of my players askes me if he can have sex with any female character
that I introduce. As the GM one of my NPCs quickly fixed that with a
knife threat.)

RULE 3: Have sense.
( The same player, mentioned earlier, also has some idea that if everyone
on the team pools their money they can buy an island off the coast and a
zepplin to carry their not yet bought Phaeton limo over to the island and

RULE 4: I know elves seem perfect, but not everyone on the team can be
( I've got a nice rule that says less than half the team can be elves,
and someone has to be a trog, my players don't seem to realize their

RULE 5: Be creative.
( Everyone except the mage jsut stands in one spot during battle and
trades shots with the enemy 'till one goes down. No one ever checks out
anything either, I have to tell them they smell or see something so they
can finish the run.)

Hope this all helps.


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