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Message no. 1
From: Paolo Marcucci <paolo@*********.IT>
Subject: Global warming and stuff
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 12:48:10 +0200
Talking with astronomers can be interesting, sometimes :)

From the Germany SB, seems like the south of Italy is a desert. This could
be unlikely, given the premises we have from the official Shadowrun
history, let's see why:

1. Volcanic activity - we've had a lot, from the Great Ghost Dance to
Germany and supposedly other places. This activity can easily provoke
movements in the earth core magma (sp?), that is responsible for the
position of the magnetic field pole. Moving the magnetic field is
automatically a good way to change weather patterns, even shifting the
monsoon region to mediterranean area.

2. The Murder's cycle - In 1995, we've experienced a peak of the Murder's
cycle of solar activity, a peak that will return every 22 years (get the
hint? :) Maybe we didn't really understood the neutrinic solar flux, so a
dramatic change in the global earth's temp could easily be on the way.

3. The Krebs' (sp?) cycle - this is the basis of plants inner workings. A
shift in temp and magnetic field, causing a change in the weather pattern,
can seriously affect plants' life. Worser, like the too high CO2 percentage
killing the photosyntetic reactions, or better, like the too high CO2
percentage provoking gorgeous mutations and a sudden increase in plant

Add to these points the Awakening and we can figure out a lot of different
scenarios for the actual desertification issues. Maybe the mediterranean is
now something like a tropical ocean, with regular winds and heavy
precipitations (sp?) giving birth to a brand new breed of vegetation. Or
maybe the level of the water decreased, and the whole region is a mad max
desert, raided by bedouin water smugglers.

Or maybe, the magical point around Thera (whoops, did'I say something? :)
has "sucked" life force from the nearby regions... :) But where did this
energy went? Into Thera or "somewhere" else?

Bye, Paolo
Paolo Marcucci paolo@*********.it
InterWare Service Provider Trieste, Italy Tel. +39-40-411400

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