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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Gradual Initiation
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1993 15:04:33 -0500
I know these rules were posted, but I can't find my copy. Could the
person who wrote them (I don't remember who and i don't want to insult
anyone by guessing) please send me a copy so I can put it into the archive.


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Message no. 2
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Gradual Initiation
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 15:22:12 -0700
SUBMISSION: Gradual Initiation
DESIGNER: Jason J Carter
E-Mail: Carter@***.EDU


Gradual Initiation Rules

The purpose of these rules is to reduce the drastic increase in power gained by
magicians upon their first initiation. Under the normal rules the character
gains six metamagic powers and access to the metaplanes. This is quite a bit
of magic for just 9, 12, 15, or even 18 Karma points. However instead of
increasing the cost of initiation to an outrageous level or ignoring it, we will
make the gain of powers more gradual. These rules also include quasi-metamagic
powers that make initiation for Conjurer and Sorcerer Adepts just as useful as
it is for full magicians and Shamanic and Elemental Adepts.

Initiation & Metamagic

All magicians begin life as what is considered to be a Grade 0 Initiate. This
is to say that a Grade 0 Initiate is any character who is magically active, not
that they have access to metamagic powers or the metaplanes of astral space. An
easy way to look at it is to say the Grade of the Initiate is the number of
times he has undergone Initiation Ceremonies.

Each time a magician undergoes an Intiation Ceremony he gains several things.
First of all his grade increases by one (duh!). He also adds a point to his
Magic Attribute Rating. He may also attempt to remove a Geas. Lastly he gets
a Metamagic Power.

There are also several abilities that all magicians have, but which are not felt
until the first initiation. All magicians have a bonus to their Astral
Initiative equal to their Grade. They also have an Astral Pool with a number of
dice equal to their Grade. This Astral Pool can be used augment either the
Astral Combat Pool or Magic Pool which the character is in Astral Space.

Cost of Initiation

The cost of Initiation is equal to (5 + Grade being gained) * Initiation
Multiple. The Initiation multiple has a base of 3, but is reduced by the
following modifiers.

Magician is a memeber of a Magical Group: -0.5
Magician undergoes an Initiation Ordeal: -0.5
Magician is guided by a magician who has the Metamagic power he is gaining: -0.5
(This applys for Physical Adepts whenever they are guided by a higher Grade
Physical Adept.)

Mages, Shamans, Elemental Adepts, and Shamanic Adepts

Since mages, shamans, elemental adepts and shamanic adepts have access to all
the magic skills and astral projection and thereby all the Metamagic Powers,
they follow the same rules for gaining new Metapowers.

Grade 1: Metaplaner projection, Choice of Standard Six Metapowers
Grade 2: Choice of Five Remaining Metapowers
Grade 3: Choice of Four Remaining Metapowers
Grade 4: Choice of Three Remaining Metapowers
Grade 5: Choice of Two Remaining Metapowers
Grade 6: The Remaining Metapower
Grade 7+: Unknown

Conjurer Adepts

Several new Metamagic Powers have been added for use by Conjurer Adepts. The GM
needs to consider them closely since they reduce and eventually remove the
limitation that Conjurer Adepts may not enter Astral Space.

Grade 1: Spirit Centering
Grade 2: Spirit Quest
Grade 3: Spirit Vision
Grade 4: Masking
Grade 5: Spiritual Travel
Grade 6+: Unknown

Sorcery Adepts

The number of Metamagic powers available to Sorcerer Adepts is increased by the
addition of a new Metamagic Power. Sorcerer Adepts also eventually overcome
the limitation that they cannot enter Astral Space, although not to the degree
that Conjuerer Adepts do.

Grade 1: Choice of Shielding or Centering
Grade 2: Power not chosen at Grade 1 and Spell Sight
Grade 3: Choice of Dispelling or Quickening
Grade 4: Power not chosen at Grade 3
Grade 5: Spirit Vision
Grade 6: Masking
Grade 7+: Unknown

Physical Adepts

Only two of the Metamagic powers can be gained by Physical Adepts, although they
are allowed to purchase Astral Perception. Upon gaining Grade 1, Physical
Adepts with Astral Perception may gain either Centering or Masking. The second
power is gained at Grade 2. If Astral Perception is not a power that adept
possesses, then he gets Centering at Grade 1 and Masking when he purchases
Astral Perception. Some would say that Initiation is not as effective for
Physical Adepts, but the ability to buy additional Physical Adept power with the
new point of magic makes up for the lack of additional Metapowers.

New Metamagic Powers

Spell Sight

Spell Sight is a very limited form or astral perception gained by Sorcery Adepts
due to their close association with manipulation astral energy. An Adept with
Spell Sight can "see" the astral energy created with the Sorcery Skill. This
means the adept can center to improve spellcasting and detect both Wards and
The Sending of a ritual sorcery spell.

Spirit Centering

Spirit Centering is a slight modification to standard Centering which only
Conjuerer Adepts can use. Besides being able to use Centering to Reduce Drain
or Reduce Penalties, Conjurer Adepts may use Centering to Gain Additional
Services. The target number is the Force of the Spirit. For every 2 successes
on the Centering Test, the Conjurer gains one Service, assuming he gets at least
one on the Conjuring test.

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest is a Metamagic power unique to Conjurer adepts. Due to their close
relations to the Metaplanes of Astral Space, Conjurer adepts gain the ability
to Astrally Project to the Metaplanes dispite their inability to use normal
Astral Projection. Spirit Quest can only be used for the Astral Quest types of
Great Summoning, Spirit Battle, and True Name.

Spirit Vision

Spirit Vision is an power gained by Conjurer and Sorcery Adepts. It allows
them to see fully into Astral Space. Spirit Vision is Astral Perception by a
different name.

Spiritual Travel

Spititual Travel is an power gained by Conjurer adepts only. It allows them
to travel through Astral Space in a manner very similar to that used by spirits.
Spiritual Travel is Astral Projection by a different name.

Suggested Rules Modifications

The following three rules modifications are intended to put the Magic Attribute
Rating into Conjuring. As rules stand it makes not difference if your Magic
Attribute is 10 or 1 when summoning or controlling spirits, although you had
better have a good Magic Attribute if you plan on Banishing.

1) Replace the description of Spirit Focus with the following.

Spirit foci increase a magician's ability to conjure spirits. The magician
must declare the specific spirit type for which he will use the focus (e.g.,
water elemental, hearth spirit, desert spirit, an so on) at the time of bonding.
A spirit focus only works for the type of spirit for which it was specifically
A spirit focus provides a number of additional dice equal to its rating, and
these can be used to summon, banish, or control a spirit of that specific type.
The magician can also use the dice for the Drain Resistance Test. The rating is
also added to the magician's magic rating to determine drain codes and target
numbers for these test. The rating of the focus is the total number of dice
for all the various test associated with summoning a single spirit.

2) The increase to the Magic Attribute Rating of Power Foci does not count on
any sucesses test involving the Conjuring Skill. That is to say when the
magician is Summoning, Controlling, or Banishing spirits.

3) Change the Conjuring Drain Table on SRII page 140 to the following:

Spirits Force Rating Drain Level
Less than half of the summoner's Magic Rating (L) Stun
Summoner's Magic Rating or less (M) Stun
Greater than the summoner's Magic Rating (S) Physical
Greater than twice summoner's Magic Rating (D) Physical

Note that this change will result in more powerful spirits, but will make
magicians of all types, especially Conjurer Adepts, think again about
reducing their Magic Rating by installing Cyberware or Bioware.

Further Reading

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