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Message no. 1
From: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
Subject: Graphics
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 10:57:52 +0200
>Well, hold on.. What sort of formats are we likely to see the NERPS guide
>distributed in? Traditionally, we'd expect to see:
>* Postscript
> No problem. Graphics can be embedded into Postscript quite easily.. It
> pushes up the size pretty massively, but that's to be expected.

I'd first have to find a way to reliably make PS files, mind you -- the one
time I tried it seems to not have worked :(

> Here you have a problem. Not too bad, though.. If you insist on
> distributing the graphics too, just make them available off the same
> FTP site and include cross-references to the graphic files in the text.

Just add "Insert <picture name>.GIF here" at the places the pictures are
the other files. Then put all the .GIFs and .TXTs together into one zip file
and you're done...

>This question isn't too important right now anyway, is it? It's more of a
>post-production question.. Right now it's much more useful to get the
>book written. >8->

I like to do such things at the same time...

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