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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Hacking an Ability II
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 1994 21:51:03 +0100
Following Tim pointing out the relationship between Hacking and the
Psionic Theory Skill (with a concentration obviously being hacking), I
ran some trials and some numbers and I think I came up with something

It does create an additional Pool, but it is based on Psionic Theory and
Mastery Level, and has some different uses than the standard Psi Pool.

Let me know if this works. I worry that it might be a little too easy
for the PSI to hack, still, but I think using the 2x(force) dice was too

Let me know


Psionic Hacking Pool:
Psionic Theory (Hacking) Rating + Mastery Level

How to Hack
Allocate dice from your Psionic Hacking Pool. Each dice
allocated represents one for level of force.
Maximum force of power to be hacked cannot exceed 1/2 the
dicipline rating.
You cannot add additional Psionic Hacking Pool, Psionic Pool, or
Task Pool dice to the rolling. Karma, as always, will
allow re-rolls.
Any sustained hacked power gives a +(force) penalty to additional
power uses (instead of the standard +2) _OR_ you can
allocate up to (force) Psionic Hacking Pool dice to negate
the penalty. Standard Psionic Pool dice cannot be used to
systain a hacked power. You can also mix-and-match for
allocated dice or penalties. (ie, a sustained force 4
power could sustain with two dice and take a +2 penalty).


Trog the Troll is a Psionic adept with the following Psionic abilities.
Telekinesis: 7
General Telekinesis 4
Finite Manipulation 4
Telekinetic Punch 2
Levitation 3
Divinitation: 4
Combat Sense 4
Precognition 2
Telepathy: 4
Detect Lie 2

Psionic Pool: 6
Psionic Hacking Pool: 5

Trog is in the middle of a fierce fire-fight, and he is currently is
systaining a force 4 Combat Sense, but has allocated two of his six
Psionic Pool dice to the task instead of taking the +2 penalty. Trog has
decided that his standard armour isn't enough, and so he wants to erect a
Bullet Barrier (telekinetic) to stop that hot lead with his name on it.

Because he doesn't know Bullet Barrier, he must hack it. To do this, he
can allocate up to a maximum of 3 dice from his Psionic Hacking Pool (1/2
of his telekinesis Dicipline rating, rounded down) to erect a Bullet

The GM assigns a target number of four to the task. Trog rolls his three
dice, getting a 2, 4 and 9; two successes. Trog easily resists the
drain with the help of two Psionic Pool dice. The hacked Bullet Barrier
winks into place just as a .44 slug comes into range.

On the next turn, Trog decides that he wants to sustain the hacked Bullet
Barrier. Deciding he wants at least three hacking dice left for later
use, he allocates two dice to the task of sustaining the barrier, taking
a sustained +1 penalty for sustaining the ability.

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