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Message no. 1
From: BONNET Eric <ebonnet@*******.FR>
Subject: India(3/3)
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 18:26:34 +0100
This chapter explains the magic system used for the brahmans and
describes very briefly the most important gods and their servants.
First, no spell can be learned at a higher level than the god-granted
spell. This special spell can't be taught to others. This spell is
easier to improve than the others: you only need to pay twice the
increase in karma, instead of buying it again from zero.
Lesser Avatars are very hard to invoke. The target is (15-Level of
Initiation) and the drain is Deadly Physical. You can only invoke one
when it is the last solution else not only he won't come but you will
also have to atone for that. If one or two successes are made, the
brahman has absolutely no influence on the actions of the Avatar: the
Avatar will help or not following the situation. If at least three
successes are made, the brahman can ask for the help of the Avatar. I
prefer not to give characteristics to the Avatars but it can be
considered that they have all the powers of their servants and that they
are high-level spell-casters.
Servant spirits are much easier to invoke. The system is the same as for
spirits or elementals. They can use their powers, attack in the astral
or physical plane, maintain a spell or add its level to the magic pool
for the scene. They look like normal humans when they don't use their
powers so they can also act and talk normally. They have an initiative
of 3D6+Reaction. All have the Guard and Search powers.
God Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
Agni P+1 (P+3)*4 P+2 P P P P P+3
Powers: Engulf (fire), Fear, Flame aura, Flame projection, Immunity to
fire, Movement
Ganesha P+2 (P+1)*2 P+1 P+1 P+2 P+1 P P+1
Powers: Accident, Blindness, Concealment, Electrical projection,
Psychokinesis, Sonic projection
Indra P+3 (P+1)*2 P+3 P+1 P P P P+1
Powers: Confusion, Fear, Immunity to normal weapons, Paralyzing touch,
Venom, Weather control
Kali P+2 (P+2)*2 P+2 P P P+1 P P+2
Powers: Binding, Cold aura, Confusion, Desire reflection, Fear,
Karttikeya P+3 (P+1)*2 P+4 P P P P P+1
Powers: Fear, Hardened armor, Immunity to normal weapons, Magical
resistance, Noxious breath, Regeneration
Shiva P+2 (P+2)*3 P+2 P P P+2 P P+1
Powers: Corrosive secretions, Dismissal, Fear, Magical guard, Magical
resistance, Petrification
Varuna P+2 (P+2)*2 P+1 P+1 P+1 P+1 P P+1
Powers: Binding, Compulsion (respect the law), Empathy, Fear, Influence,
Vishnu P+2 (P+3)*3 P+1 P P P+1 P P+2
Powers: Compulsion (protect people), Empathy, Immunity to normal weapons
and poisons, Magical guard, Spraying
Yama P+3 (P+1)*2 P+3 P P P+1 P P+1
Powers: Essence drain, Immunity to normal weapons, Magical resistance,
Paralysing touch, Regeneration, Venom

Agni is one of the first gods appearing in the Vedas, even before the
Trimurti. He is the god of fire and is linked to sacrifice and purity.
Fire purifies everything and that's one of the reasons why the dead are
burned. His Avatar appears as a tall man with red eyes and hair. He is
often dressed in black and always brings with him a small metal wand.
This wand is a powerful item he uses to cast incredibly devastating fire
Brahmans are often charismatic and like to show off (Cha³4). They are
quick-tempered and easy to anger. They are, with those serving Shiva,
the most devoted. Of course, they like to use fire spells, even when it
is not needed: they even use these draining spells to show off, only for
fun as they say. They refuse to use cyberware or bioware, which they
regard as impure. They want to keep the purity of Hinduism, at all
Spell: Sacrificial Pyre (Manipulation) Type: Physical Range: LOS Target:
Constitution(R) Duration: Sustained Drain: (F/2+2)S Damage Level: L This
spell causes the target to burst in fire. The fire can't be extinguished
by normal means while the spell is sustained.
Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Kali. As he was accidentally beheaded,
his head was replaced by an elephant's one. He is the popular god of
science and technology. He is the most technologically oriented god. He
appears as a elephant-headed man, without apparent weapons. He can enter
the matrix without deck and is a very talented decker. He likes to
uncover secrets hidden in the matrix.
Brahmans are all deckers. Some are even better in the matrix than in the
astral plane. They dislike physical fights, but will often attack other
deckers, just for fun and to prove the superiority of their religion.
They all have a datajack but most also have other cyber-implants.
Bio-implants are much less popular: they think that metal is stronger
than meat.
Spell: Technological storm (Manipulation) Type: Physical Range:/ Target:
Constitution(R) or Object Resistance Duration: Sustained Drain: (F/2+2)D
This spell creates a kind of electro-magnetic storm that interferes with
the normal functions of technological items, included cyber-implants.
The spell is area-effect and centered on the caster. Any item affected
refuses to function while the spell is sustained.
Indra is, like Agni, a very old god. He is the god of war and storm. He
is ambitious and wants to become more powerful in the pantheon. He is
dangerous and uncontrollable. He is very brave but is very easy to
distract. He is the deva that fought most often the asuras. He appears
as a tall medieval warrior. His sword, Lightning, is deadly: it can be
cast and always strikes the heart of the enemy.
Brahmans are very like their god. They are brave fighters that can't
stay concentrated on one thing for too long. They are often strong
(Strength³4) and always angry. They often provoke people to be permitted
to fight them. They are considered as trouble-makers. That's why most of
them are in the army, in Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan,
where they have to fight Moslem terrorists.
Spell: Dark Storm (Manipulation) Type: Physical Range: area centered on
the caster Target: 6 Duration: sustained Drain: (F/2+2)D
This spell creates a localized storm, with dark clouds. Light seems to
be absorbed by the clouds. It is considered as a night without moon.
Moreover, the powerful winds and the rain cause a modifier of -1/2
successes on every action, except for the brahman.
Kali has the worst reputation of all the gods, partly because of the
thugs and partly because it is often merited. She is uncontrollable. She
is the wife of Shiva and is linked only to the destructive aspect of
this god. She appears as a dark-haired woman, a very beautiful one. She
always has a scepter with a human skull, which can emit a howling that
paralyses her enemies.
Brahmans are the real thugs, not the criminals but the fanatic fighters
and killers of the beginning. They are all bald, even if many wear wigs
to hide that fact. They also are experimented stranglers and killers.
The women are the most dangerous as they are beautiful and seem
inoffensive. They like to work in the police as it enables them to find
the enemies of the gods and to kill them.
Spell: Howling of the Skull (Combat) Type: Mana Range: LOS Target:
Willpower(R) Duration: Instant Drain: (F/2)S Damage Level: M This
spell creates a howling that only the target can hear. The damage is
mental, as the target is paralyzed. The modifiers of wounds are doubled
and a deadly wound means total paralysis.
Karttikeya is the second son of Shiva and Kali. He is the god of battle.
Contrarily to Indra, he is a kind of zen warrior. He likes the fights of
course, but only for the fun and the honor not for the kill. Karttikeya
appears as a very strong man, not too tatall but very broad. He uses two
weapons at the same time, often a melee one and a ranged one.
Brahmans are elite fighters. They are strong (Strength³4) and have a
high willpower (Willpower³4). They are even-tempered and can kill
without only raising an eyebrow. They often work for the police or the
army, where they have to control the brahmans of Indra. They don't
easily lose their nerves but once they are angry, only a harsh
retaliation can content them.
Spell: Fighting Prowess (Health) Type: Physical Range: Touch Target: 4
Duration: Sustained Drain: (F/2+1)S This spell enables the target to
fully center on the fight: it gives a +2 modifier for melee combat.
Shiva the Destroyer is one of the gods of the Trimurti, the one that has
the most influence on India and the one with the most numerous
followers. He is the one who forced the Moslems to accept a truce by
intervening directly in Riyadh. He appears as a tall guy with a bronze
plate armor, a horned helmet and a bronze trident. The trident can
provoke seisms when it strikes the earth. Shiva also has a third eye
that can destroy anything.
Brahmans are the most determined and centered (Willpower³5). They are
often ascetics or warriors. The active ones are often in situations of
power and they like it that way. They think things must go as they
should. All that contradicts the natural order must be eliminated:
toxics, insect spirits, Moslems… Many also have some talent for arts but
they think that, in these times, warriors are more important than
Spell: Cataclysm (Manipulation) Type: Physical Range: / Target: 10
Duration: Sustained Drain: (F/2+4)D
This spell creates a localized cataclysm, adapted to the site, centered
on the caster. Only he doesn't suffer from the effects of the spell.
Varuna is, with Agni and Indra, the oldest god of the mythology. He is
the god of water and justice. Like Shiva, he protects the natural order
but his ways are less violent. He is the only god who objected to the
bloody persecution of Moslems. He often appears as a peaceful and
compassionate middle-aged man but don't be fooled: he is as stern as
justice when needed.
Brahmans are led by an ideal, justice in all the senses of the word. All
the judges and , more surprisingly, many lawyers serve Varuna. They
refuse to fight people, except to defend themselves. They consider that
violence is the last solution when everything else has failed; of
course, that doesn't prevent them from being stern judges. Many help
shadow people trying to force the government to evolve.
Spell: Eye of Justice (Detection) Type: Mana Range: LOS Target:
Willpower(R) Duration: Instant Drain: (F/2+1)S This spell
enables the caster to know the relation of the target with justice: his
past crimes, what he is able to do and what he would never do for
Vishnu, the Preserver, is the second god of the Trimurti. He is only
slightly less popular than Shiva. He is a benevolent and protector god.
He really loves (meta)humanity and tries to improve its life. He refuses
to act as bluntly as Shiva and mostly prefers to let his servants do
discreetly what is needed. He appears as a seemingly inoffensive small
Brahmans are devoted to the public weal. They try to protect their
people from what they consider as horrors. They are the most prone to
convert people and to bring them to the true faith. That's why they
accepted the invasions in spite of the following slaughters, to have an
opportunity to convert Moslems. They are the main force opposed to the
overmilitaristic kshatriyas.
Spell: Pacifism (Manipulation) Type: Mana Range: LOS Target:
Willpower(R) Duration: Sustained Drain: (F/2+2)S All the
people in the area of effect are struck by a sudden dislike of fight.
They can only defend themselves and counter-attack. If they still want
to attack someone, they inflict themselves a mental wound determined by
the successes of the spell, with a base of L.
Yama was the first man living on this world. He was also, of course, the
first dead and became the god of death. He is devoted to his role, a
necessary and difficult task that many people, outside of India,
consider as evil. He appears as a tall guy with long dark hair and black
eyes. He is dressed in black and has a scimitar. His eyes can absorb the
life force of people. His coming always means trouble as he never acts
without necessity.
Brahmans are very cold guys. They scarcely act openly but, when they do,
they ask that everybody submits to their rule. They intervene mainly in
the army. Some are the killers of the temples, the executioners of the
law. Some are, surprisingly, diplomats: they don't try to convert people
nor to explain their faith, they only do what they have to.
Spell: Life Stealing (Health) Type: Physical Range: Touch Target:
Willpower(R) Duration: Sustained Drain: (F/2+1)S Damage Level: M
The brahman must touch the target and cross his stare to cast this
spell. Then he can absorb the life force of the target and heal himself
with that energy (he can heal exactly the same amount of boxes he
inflicts). He can't do anything else while the spell is sustained. The
target can try at each action to avoid the stare with an opposed
willpower test: if the target succeeds, the spell is broken.


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