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Message no. 1
From: Tomus Cone <brother_1@*******.COM>
Subject: Int-Gear
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 17:38:07 PDT
I ran through several books and came up with stuff such as:
Wrist launchers
I don't imagine these things have much more power than the launcher
for the grapple line, but still...
Low power and bulky, but enough to disable anything within about 60
Hand Scanner
Sadly, it must be in the same place as the induction pad for the
Cyber-grapple gun.
If you can have a regular gun in there, why not one of these?
Melanin alteration
Kind of a gene therapy thing. Get it done in designer patterns!
Infinity microphone/oscillograph
I can't even remember what an oscillograph is, but an infinity
microphone is hooked up, you dial the number, it doesn't ring on
the other end, and you hear anything the phone does. Don't know how
that works with speaker phones. It can work with fiber optics.
Voice stress analyzer
Lie detector, sort of. Could be part of cyberears, or an
Yep. It lights cigarettes and takes pictures. This can be applied
to similar size items, such as a wristwatch.
Radioactive trace powder
The gov't could still use it. It works.
Geiger counter
Can't remember if this is any of the books.
Flash paper
This message will self destruct in five seconds. Not really, but if
exposed to flame, or even enough heat, this stuff is gone.
Radio controlled bomb sweep
Makes sense, doesn't it?
Bulletproof umbrella
Along with the many things that can be put in the umbrella's stem,
this puts high density cloth on the frame, making it resistant to
ballistic attack. Sadly, it is fairly easy to detect.
Jelly bearings
Gel coating on the outside, friction-reducing liquid on the inside!
Put it in the wrist launcher!
Telescopic ladder.
What? Stop looking at me like that!
Vertical beam transmitter
This requires much certainty to use. First, one secure satellite,
or other com station. Second, on stationary receiver.
Watch/magnifying glass
The lens pops out for a 20x magnifying lens.
I just think it deserves mention, or at least some form of chemical
.22 Pen/Cigarette
It's a one-shot item, but I know some Marksmen who could make it
Chemical capsules that ignite in gasoline 2 hours after being put in
Exploding flour
Saw blades in eye glasses
I've also hidden microtronic tools, lockpicks, pens, all sorts of
things in eye glasses.
Contact microphone
Contact with metal surface and for about 6 hours you've got
something transmitting every conversation in that room over 300
feet.Thing is that you've got to get it into that room in the first
place. Runs about 180 nuyen.

A start perhaps?

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