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Message no. 1
From: P Ward <P.Ward@**.CF.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: layering Armour
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 21:09:07 GMT
Damion Milliken asked:
> What's this bit [ inreference to: _2 to hit. oops on my part there.

The riot shield gives you ballistic armour, and -2 to your melee TNo's in close
combat, either according to the back of the SR II Black book or the re-print
of the Street-sammy's handbook. That's how it helps in close combat, instead of
giving extra impact armour, for example.
Still, it's not everyday a runner carries round a riot shield, but it
does give the riot-star's a good chance against some expert runner/ninja.

> He nearly won? How?
As to Boar nearly wiping Perianwyr, he has that major advantage of PC's
everywhere, a Karma pool, I am considering giving major NPC's the same.
Boar had -2 to hit due to his Riot Shield, and I hadn't noticed that
para-animal Hardened armour gave extra dice on damage tests, thanks for that.
I'll know better next time.... Bwa Ha Ha.

Boar Di-kotes his stuff, he has a lot of dice. Needless to say, when
NPC's need to take him down, they do it sneaky; they offer to take him skating
(boar is retarded, he was before he goblinised into a troll, now he's even
slower, the guy who plays him knows how to balance a killing machine. He is
also good for the best laughs in the game).

> Gator shaman with a quickness of 2.

I don't reduce the combat pool for wearing only one layer of armour, unless
it's the heavy stuff. I would suggest that you reduce combat pool by -1
if they layer Jackets and Coats, not Jackets and vests for example.

If you include things like armoured Flak Pants (I do), then reduce their
running multiplier by -1 (or -.5 for trolls/Dwarves).

I always believed that the bit about AP rounds having their power reduced by
half and THEN begin reduced by armour and body to be a mistake, it seems like
an attack by an AP round would come out worse than a regular round after
that mod. I suspect some dodgy editing was at work there, anyone care to

I believe it meant to say reduce the power of the attack by half the
rating of the Armour, and do not reduce the Damage code by one. Though
I'm probably wrong on this one, anyone know?

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it's not a drill. Runs-With-The-Pack
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