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Message no. 1
From: Gweedo The Killer Pimp <yawas@****.COM>
Subject: Leaving again [OT]
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 19:25:00 -0500
After many hours of staying up late, I have just received
probably the worst set of report card grades I have ever seen. I am
unsubscribing myself from the lists, and I'm not going to use E-mail for
the next six weeks so that I can reaquaint myself with my classes.

--anybody that a character of mine is playing in one of their games,
please continue the player the best you see fit. I will be back after
six weeks to pickup all of my loosends, and get back on E-mail. Thank

--anybody that continues that sill Bill Gates thread on ShadowRN should
be hurt (especially if it's still there when I get back! :)

--Tinner, I'll visit the site A.S.A.P. but I'll get net access in six
weeks so I will be able to send you a .wav file, and a scanned picture of
myself (or a reasonable facsimile thereof :o))

Thank you for your time, and goodnight.

Gweedo the Grounded Pimp!

P.S.-Whoever you are tyrell, please read the FAQ, like many times!


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