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Message no. 1
From: Chris Innanen <cgi@*******.JHUAPL.EDU>
Subject: Marginal Man 2
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1993 23:15:07 -0500
Marginal Man
He was one of the desperate few that became the guinea pigs for the hopeful
researchers looking for a safe form of cryogenics. Frozen in the last weeks
of his life under the thumb of a deadly cancer, the Sleeper has found
himself thrust, totally cured, into a world severely different from the one
he last saw. The irony is, in his previous life he was a debunker, someone
that proves such things as ESP, alien abductions, and faith healers are all
fakes and hoaxes. Now he's blessed with a Second Sight more powerful than
any other known magician, walking a fine line between hermetic and shamanic
powers that he can't control, and can't even believe. Culture shock has
driven him underground, stealing what he needs and causing havoc on all sides
as he struggles to find a balance within himself.
WotS: "I could smell the ozone as, glowing blue, he aimed a gun in my face."

Chris Innanen cgi@*******

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