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Message no. 1
From: "Arno R. Lehmann" <arlehma@***.NET>
Subject: more Azania questions...
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 23:34:34 +0200
Hi again, folks.
More questions concerning my project (will it ever be a real project?)

1. I hear that Azania is split in four more or less independent States
forming kind of a federation. This comes from the Cyberpirates book. Is
there any information on where the borders of these four staes or
countries are?

2. One of them seems to be elve-run. Which one? How? Like a "real" Tir,
or more open and open-minded?

3. What has happened with global diamond and gold trade after the
awakening? Is it still such a monopoly as today, perhaps run by one uf
the major corps, or is it fed by smaller, independent companies? I
would assume the latter, but perhaps the Corporate Shadowfiles or PoaD
tell more ... I don't have any sourcebook here, by the way ...
donations anyone???

4. Oh, there was a number four, but I forgot it ... ok - anything else
important you know and I should know?

Any further information you provide might turn up in an NERPS Article,
and you might be quoted or at least get a "Thanks" to you, so it's
worth answering!

Arno Lehmann

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