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Message no. 1
From: Glenn Robb <GLENNROBB@*******.NET>
Subject: Mormons, Horrors, and Bugs
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 11:14:02 -0600
> 3) Mark is right; while the Church of Latter Day Saints is very likely
> publicly against the UB and the bugs, probably hunting they as much as Ares,
> I don't like the Horror/Enemy reference. If they do know something, it's
> probably not that much, and they are certainly going to keep it quiet. Given
> all the players out there, to go public with the Enemy wouldn't be bright.

I should probably explain the whole thing with the Horrors and the Salt Lake
Citizens. First of all, the average Mormon does not know what the Horrors are
truely are. The unborn servants of Satan. To a Mormon, a Horror looks exactly
like a human being, but with horrible and terrible faces. Second of all, a
Mormon knows the Horror's true nature. Which is that a horror can not kill a
(meta)human being without that (meta)human being's consent.

As for the Bugs, the Church is actively against the Bugs. But each Member of
the Church has to make their own choice as to whether to join the fight. Most
mormons who do join the fight has signed up with Ares.

Elton Robb


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