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Message no. 1
From: Erik_Jameson@*****.COM
Subject: RE> NAGTTW_Comment(ant
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 13:41:10 -0800
RE> NAGTTW_Comment(antarctica-asia.txt)
To Net Enhancements for Roleplaying Shadowrun<NERPS@********>

(>) I think you're being a little harsh, but you are, in
essence, correct. Over the past 70 years, over 80 teachers
(that we know of) have been thrown in jail because they
taught something other than the Japanese version of truth.
Something is indeed rotten in the Land of the Rising Sun.
And has been since before the Awakening.
(>) St. Stan
(>) That doesn't, however, automatically mean that there is
a "cabal of Immortal elves" or a "draconic conspiracy"
behind it. As history has shown us, man is capable of feats
of self-delusion, hubris, and outright evil that make the
supposed worst excesses of these groups pale by comparison.
(>) Asmodeus
(>) Never said there was some Immortal cabal or that some
wyrm was behind it. It's more like something
megalomaniacally rotten in the Japanese culture. Japan is
never wrong. Japan is always right. Japan is mother.
Japan is father. Or something like that.

Don't get me wrong. Not everyone in Japan is like that.
But that is how an outsider might view the Japanese culture.
(>) St. Stan

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