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Message no. 1
From: Bonnet Eric <ebonnet@*******.FR>
Subject: NAGTTW : France Part 3
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 21:59:43 +0200
. Cartier & Fils
Home Office Location Paris
President/CEO Pierre Cluzot
Chairman of the Board Simon Dugrand
Corporate Status Public
Major Shareholders Jean Cartier 30%
Jacques Cartier 15%
Eric Nigron 10%
Net Rating 80
Major Interests
Aerospace 1
Agriculture 1
Biotechnology 3
Chemicals 3
Computer Engineering 1
Computer Science 1
Consumer Goods 10
Cybernetics 3
Entertainment 3
Finance 7
Heavy Industry 5
Mystical Goods/Services 1
Military Technology 4
Services 8
Fiscal 7
Intelligence 4
Management 6
Reputation 6
Security 6
Matrix 8
Magic 5
Physical 6
Military platoon, above average
Primary Business
Cartier are the biggest producers of luxury goods of the world. They are
also great bankers.
Corporate Structure
Major Divisions
There are two major money-makers in this corp : Cartier - Produits de
Luxe, specialized in the various fields of luxury ( fashion, food, wine,
art, jewelry,...), and Francaise de Banque, a big company that controls
a great number of banks and insurance companies.
Oscar Delacroix runs Cartier - Produits de Luxe with efficiency and
ruthlessness. He particularly likes to crush the small companies that
try to survive in this market. He isn't above using blackmail or threats
to destroy his opponents.
> Oscar Delacroix is dead. He has been shot by a sniper in front of his house.
Apparently, one of the
aforementioned competitors didn't like his methods. He has been replaced
by Jerome Arago, a calmer guy.
> Stryke
Francaise de Banque is headed by Jean-Pierre Lazard, an heir of a long
line of bankers. He's a shark.
Physical and Magical Security
As most of their stuff is not physical, the security in most sites is
quite light. Only the luxury goods stores are heavily guarded,
sufficiently enough to repel any runners team.
Matrix Security
On the opposite, matrix security is very tight for the same reasons.
Cartier doesn't have any talents with
computers so they buy the best IC of different corps like Fuchi or MCT.
In the same host you'll find IC of
different corps to forbid one to enter without being noticed by their
own IC.
Military Security
Extended Security
Officially none.

The French Union is composed of fifteen states, some of which are so
small they are nearly inexistent. There
are the basics on these states. If you need more, read a fraggin'
tourist guide. A map representing the states,
excepting Guyane that is in South America, is next page. It's not so
good but it will help those of you that only heard of the old France.

Surface 467 km²
Population 65000
Capital Andorre la Vieille (25000)
Government parliamentary republic
Andorre has always been controlled by nobles or priests, Frensh or
Spanish. They have often changed of master
unwillingly. In the last century, it was headed by two coprinces : the
bishop of Urgel in Spain and the French
President. It has become independant for the first time in 2033. It has
been forced by economic problems to join the Union.
What Imports
Andorre is a taxe paradise and doesn't control his borders as good as
the other states.

Surface 61500 km²
Population 6200000
Capital Nantes (300000)
Government parliamentary republic
Well, these regions had always resisted French domination so Ithink it
doesn't matter if they use the post-
Eurowars chaos to become inependant.
What Imports
The Celtians have a big cultural nostalgy. They are allies of the Tir,
even if elves don't dominate the country. There are very numerous
druids, particularly aroun the mythical forest of Broceliande, where
Merlin is
supposedly kept prisoner.

County of Toulouse
Surface 44100 km²
Population 2500000
Capital Toulouse (700000)
Government hereditary county
Toulouse was founded in 350 BC. The forst county was created in 778 and
became an hereditary title in 888 in
the Raymond family. The last count was defeated by Simon de Montfort,
the leader of the Crusade of the
Albigenses in 1215. The count supported the Cathari to keep his county
free and independant but it was a bad
choice. Finally Toulouse was taken by the crown in 1271
What Imports
The main society of the county is Aerospatiale, the subsidiary of
Aldaran, as Airbus was always based in
Toulouse. The Cathari and the New Templars have a small presence here.

Surface 217200 km²
Population 34100000
Capital Paris (10000000)
Government presidential republic
French history is sufficiently known.
What Imports
Most corps have their headquarters here. Even if the other states won't
recognize it, it has been the economic
and politic center of France for centuries.

Surface 83534 km²
Population 200000
Capital Cayenne (50000)
Government Aldaran-dominated state
Cayenne was founded in 1544. The state was colonized by the Amiral
D'Estrees in 1677 ( it had been
conquered by the English in 1647 and the Dutch in 1667). Between 1808
and 1817, the Portuguese occupied
the state. It has never really been independant because of the
overwhelming influence of Aldaran.
What Imports
Kourou is the only important thing of this state. To protect it, a big
group of Seigneurs de la Flamme and some
of the best units of the army live here permanently.

High Kingdom
Surface 47500 km²
Population 2200000
Capital Clermont-Ferrand (200000)
Government parliamentary monarchy
Well, this kingdom has no real historic base. The only thing is that all
the nostalgics of monarchy met there
after the war and decided to make a coup. They took power and created
their dream kingdom in 2032. A
revolution forced them to grant equal rights to the people in 2039. The
king is now Henri V le Juste (or le Niais as he's called by his
respectful subjects).
What Imports
The people have no natural rights in theory; their rights are granted by
the king and could be taken back any
time. Of course, that would mean another revolution so it isn't
probable. But for the criminals, rights can and
will certainly be retired.

Surface 36000 km²
Population 5000000
Capital Lyon (1300000)
Government presidential republic
Lyon was founded in 43BC by the Romans. It became the capital of the
Gauls in 13BC. It was th capital of the
Burgonde kingdom in 478. At the time of Charlemagne, it became a
secondary city and hell they didn't like it.
Between 1000 and 1290, the archbishop controlled the county, as Lyon was
always the religious capital of
France. It was united to the Crown in 1310 but the Lyonnais always
desired to restore their old glory.
What Imports
Lyon is the main center of catholicism in France. The archbishop has
much influence.

Surface 46700 km²
Population 3300000
Capital Bordeaux (800000)
Government parliamentary republic (Well, in fact, Sartan and Maerdynn
control the state and
Sartan is the president)
Lyonnesse is the name of an old mythic country that was supposed to be
in the region, certainly in the Atlantic
Ocean not too far. They took the name for Aquitaine for an unknown
The kingdom of Aquitaine was created by Charlemagne for his son in 778.
In 1137, the Crown acquired it by
marrying with Alienor d'Aquitaine. In 1152, it was lost after the
divorce of Alienor and his second marriage
with the English king. It was conquered by Charles VII (the one of
Jeanne d'Arc) in 1453.
What Imports
If you ask me what is the most important thing in Lyonnesse, I would
say, no surprise, the world HQ of
Aldaran. Maerdynn lives in Bordeaux and Sartan is often here. The town
is completely controlled. The crime
rate is very low as they don't want scum to waste their town.

Surface 200 km²
Population 1300000
Capital Marseille (800000)
Government chaotic republic
Marseille was founded by Greeks in the sixth century BC. Between 736 and
739, they helped the Arabs against
Charles Martel and were crushed. Between 1641 and 1660, they rebelled
against the king and they were
crushed. In 1793, it lost his name because it had helped the revolt of
the federalists. In 2015, 2021, 2025 they
rebelled and were crushed. They always rebelled against France and
always lost until 2032. The guys from the
North Ward made a bloody coup and the French army was occupied
elsewhere. The governments never thought
it was worth taking it back so they let it free. Marseille joined the
Union only in 2048.
What Imports
The city is uncontrollable. It has the biggest shadow community of
France. Gangs and the Mafia fight for the
domination of the crime scene. It is the first Mediterranean port and
the docks are owned by the Mafia.

Surface 172 km²
Population 50000
Capital Monaco (30000)
Government Mafia
The Grimaldi line was created in 1297. Its last member died in 2015 so
the city became French as was agreed
by treaty.
What Imports
If you do anything that bothers the local don, it's illegal.

Surface 13700 km²
Population 800000
Capital Carcassonne (70000)
Government Feudal state

The line of Trencavel lasted from 1050 until 1229. Rumors said that a
little boy escaped the fall of Montsegur
but no one knew the truth. A guy appeared in Carcassonne in 2012 calling
himself Trencavel. He took the
country with the help of the Cathari in 2034.
What Imports
The New Templars are based in Rennes-le-Chateau. The Cathari own the
reconstructed castles of Montsegur,
Queribus and others.

Popal States of Avignon
Surface 3600 km²
Population 500000
Capital Avignon (90000)
Government theocracy
Between 1309 and 1376, seven Popes lived in Avignon after the coup of
Philippe le Bel. In 1348, the region of
Avignon, called the Comtat Venaissin, was bought in 1348. Until 1790, it
was owned by the Church. The
Revolution took back Avignon for the country. In 2015, the French Church
was created and took the power in
What Imports
This state is submitted to the religious law. People struck by HMHVV or
VISTA are killed for their sins.
Medical care is minimal to avoid intervening in the work of God.

Pays Basque
Surface 10700 km²
Population 700000
Capital Pau (85000)
Government dictatorship
During the twentieth century, independantist terrorism was a real
scourge. In spite of the numerous arrestations of terrorists, it seemed
that they were always as present. In 2032, the independantist minority
made a violent coup. It joined the Union in 2050 but it is common
knowledge that they are hated and watched. It is nearly sure that
someday the state will intervene.
What Imports
The state is dominated by Iparretarrak that has become a crime
syndicate. Taxes are the new form of
racket.They always use terrorism, even against their Basque opponents.

Surface 43000 km²
Population 4000000
Capital Toulon (200000)
Government Mafia-influenced republic
Nothing of import.
What Imports
The tourism is very important for this state so the Mafia is very
discreet. This state is a hotbed of racism : the
PPF and the FN has his strongest base here.

Surface 14500 km²
Population 1600000
Capital Chambery (80000)
Government parliamentary republic
In 534, the Savoie was created by the Merovingiens. In 1030, the Count
of Savoie was a subject of the German
Emperor. It became really French in 1792 after his conquest. Between
1814 and 1860, it was owned by the
kings of Sardaigne. During the twentieth century, only fools asked for
the independance (less than 200 people).
What Imports
Winter tourism is the engine of the economy.

Knight Adepts
Knight adepts follow the same rules as physads but have access to some
different powers. The most important
difference is the mentality : they think they are knights and act
They can buy the following traditional powers : astral perception,
attribute boost, blind fighting, body control, combat sense, enhanced
centering, enhanced perception, improved abilities (unarmed combat
costs 1),
improved physical attributes, improved physical senses, improved
reaction, improved reflexes, magic
resistance, missile parry, mystic armor, pain resistance, quick draw,
quick strike, rapid healing and sixth sense.
The new powers are :
- Armor wearing (cost 1) The knight can wear heavy armor without being
- Astral questing (cost 1.5) The knight can make astral quests as
initiations or when necessary.
- Bravery (cost 0.5/Level) The knight adds 1/Level to Willpower when
trying to resist fear or control.
- Critical strike (cost 2/weapon) The knight knows how and where to
strike to do maximal damage and adds
one level of damage.
- Endurance (cost 1) The knight can act normally with only half the
normal rest.
- Etiquette (cost 1/Level) The knight has a social pool of 1/Level. It
can be used as the other reserves with the exception that it regenerates
as the karmic pool. The pool can be used for all social skills.
- Familiar (cost varies) The knight has a familiar with which he has an
empathy. Both can understand each
other and are emotionnaly linked. If the familiar dies, a quest will be
necessary to try to find another. The cost depends on the creature : 1
for little animals as rats or rabbits, 2 for little flying animals as
owls or ravens, 3 for big non-aggressive animals as horses, 4 for
animals that can fight efficiently as lions or eagles or bears, 5 or
more for metacreatures as hell hounds or bayards.
- Horse empathy (cost 0.25/Level) The knight and horses can understand
each other but only for general ideas,
not difficult concepts. This power adds 1Dice/Level in the competence
horse-riding. This concentrations are
riding, acrobacies and training.
- Lie sensing (cost 1) The knight can detect lies. He must make an
opposed roll of Perception against the
Willpower of the other guy.
- Might of the Just (cost 0.5/Level) When the knight fight for a just
cause or against an unholy opponent, he
can add 1/Level to the Power of its attacks.
- Weapon mastering (cost 2/weapon) The knight masters a weapon so well
he has a bonus of 1 when using it.

- Localization : France
- Number : something like 200
- Magical capacities :
The Astrologers can be classed in the hermetic tradition even if they
don't think so. They think their view of
magic is nearer of that of druids. They often believe their powers come
from particular stars like Betelgeuse,
Altaïr or Polaris.
The first initiations of the Astrologers are as following :
level 0 : invocation of a spirit ally similar to the zodiacal sign of
the Astrologer
level 1 to 5 : astral quest
The Astrologers have access to a skill that is unavailable to other
people :
Astrology : This skill enables to have a vision of the future or of the
past. It is much more difficult to know the future (+2 difficulty) as
the knowledge of events can modify them. It is much harder to try to
foresee one's own future than general events. the difficulty is :
4+1/100 years for a general event
6+1/10 years for a particular event
8+1/year for a personal event
The number of successes gives the precision of the vision. The drain
linked to astrology is 4+1/period G.
concentration by method : crystal ball, cards, runes, stars,..
The Astrologers are specialized in detection and manipulation magic and
they dislike strongly combat spells,
finding them too vulgar.
- Mentality :
Astrologers have very strong personalities (Cha*5). They like to be in
dominating position. They are quite
proud and ask for a deserved (or so they think) respect. They prefer to
avoid direct conflicts and are pretty good diplomats. They are very
patriotic and even chauvinistic.

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