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Message no. 1
From: Tomer Brisker <brisker@******.CO.IL>
Subject: NAGTTW: Israel (version 2)
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 18:43:11 +0200
Neo-Anarchist's Guide To The World
Tomer "Nailer" Brisker - brisker@******
Ralfi "Zapper" Balli - aet1424@********
(>) Well folks, I decided to compile a file for those of you who are
thinking about paying us a visit here in Israel, so enjoy! <disp. grin>
Also helped me with some of the information gathering and compiling is a
friend of mine, Zapper.
(>) Nailer
(>) To those of you who don't know him, Nailer is a very famous decker,
some say otaku, from Israel.
(>) Captain Chaos


Population: appx. 13 Million with SINs, about 2 million SINless.
Humans: 60%
Dwarves: 14%
Orks: 10%
Trolls: 5%
Elves: 9%
Others: 2%
Area: roughly 35,000 square km.
Borders: from west to north: medeteranian sea, rafiah, eilat, rabat amon,
middle of the golan hights, midle of mt. hermon, Tsor, medeteranian sea.
Capitol: Ha'Gush Ha'Mercazi (hebrew for the central metro, consisting of
the area from Tel-aviv to Jerusalem)
Major Citys: Ha'Gush Ha'Mercazi- 5,000,000; Haifa Metro- 3,000,000; Be'er
Sheva metro-2,000,000; Eilat- 1,000,000.
Average Population density: 429/square kilometer.
% Literate: 90%
% Urban: 80%
Population Below Poverty Level: 17%
Unemployment Level: 9%
Persons of Corprate Affiliation: 0.0001%, these are the representatives of
various corps in Israel, as subsidery employees are not considered=
Sales Tax: 15% (except Eilat)
Per Capita Income: 30,000¥
[GM info: Price index (calculated before street index): American items:
1.5, Europen items: 1, Israeli items: 0.75, Others: 1]
Athiest: 30%
Jewish (Reformed): 30%
Jewish (Conservative): 10%
Jewish (Orthodox): 5%
Muslim: 15%
Christian: 5%
Others: 5%
Main Industies: Hi-Tech Weaponry, Hi-Tech Computers, Services, Agriculture
Hospitals: 273
Felonious Crime Rate: 12 per 1000 people per year.
High School Graduates: 63%
College Graduates: 37%
Advanced Studies Graduates: 17%
(note: colege graduates also count as high school graduates and so on)
(>)Here is some more info for you:
Military ratings (1(worst)-10(best)): Infantry: 7
Airforce: 10
Navy: 6
Matrix: 8
Magic: 5
Magic: 5% have magic, of which: 60% are hermetic adepts,
30% are hermetic mages,
4% are shamnic adepts,
3% are physads
2% are other
1% are shamans
(>) Intersting to note that most of the hermetics are practitioners
of Kabalah (which means that they think that their magic is a gift
from god), and that means that their view of astral space is diffrent
from that of new age hermetics. (It has something to do with the Garden
of Eden).
(>) Zapper


In 2004 Libya unleashed a chemical weapons attack against Israel, in an
attempt to catch Israel by surprise and start a war. Luckly for Israel, the
chemical's antidote was quicly given to the infected and only 58 people
died. This attack has been seriously criticised by many countries, and
Libya wes expelled from the UN and many sanctions were put on it. The
Israelis responded with a nuclear strike that destroyed half of Libya's
cities, one day after the great New-York earthquake and Libya hasn't fought
Israel since. By that time Most countries were too busy dealing with their
own disasters (such as the great NY earthquake) and thus had not had the
time to deal with the Middle East, and also since by the time the Americans
recovered, a cease-fire has been reached, so they couldn't do much. Later,
military historions complemented the perfect timing of the attack so that
noone would mind. In 2008 Syria, Jordan, Palastine, and Lebanon open a
joined war against israel, with the purpose of re-conquering the holy land.
It becomes clear that peace will not be possible. Due to this war, Israel
conquers all of Lebanon, about 1/2 of Jordan, and more of the Golan
Heights. In the Oslo 4 agreements, reached on 2012, all of the Palastinians
were moved to northern Lebanon, now New Palestine. During the same time,
the Mosad terminates many heads of terorist organization, a move that
causes all of the terorist organizations to unite into one, called the
Lohamei Allah, or Wariors of God, based in New Palastine. The WOG is
powered by Iran, Syria, and verious Neo-Nazis and Antisematic groups from
all over the world. The WOG still exists in the 2050's, altough many
attempts were made to destroy it. In 2016 Prime Minister Chaim Schonl was
assassinated, and the assassin was killed in violent confrontations.
During the Awakening, Israel was lightly affected, and has not suffered any
great losses. Israel adapted to Goblinization reletivly easily, as
Israelies are used to have diffrent people with them, since Israel has
always been a country of mixed cultures. Only few magicians appeared,
mostly became hermetic casters. Srafim (6 armed flying reptiles) and
verious other Biblical creatures have apeared during the Awakening, but
have not created a major threat, and even helped people in some cases.

Israel of the 2050's:

Today Israel still creates High-Tech weponry, and newer and improved
versions of verious older Israeli weapons, such as Uzi III SMG, Galil II
Assault Rifle, Desert Eagle III Pistol, and others. They also make excelent
drones and unmaned aircrafts, as well as improved aircrafts. The Israely
Airforce is considered one of the best in the world (Qualty-wise, not
Quantety-wise), as well as the Mosad (Israeli CIA). The IDF has 2 special
forces: Matrix and Magic, aka M&M, which are distributed amongst the other
forces. Matrix is responsible for country-wide Matrix securty.
(>) As well as decking into enemy county's Matrix systems and messing
things up.
(>) Nailer
Magic is responsible for magical assistance, and are scattred throughout
every unit, helping both in pre-combat, combat, and after combat.
(>) Groups from the M&M are occasionally sent to UCSA and CAS for advanced
(>) Nailer
(>) Actually, the advenced training stuff is just to keep good political
relations between us and the UCAS and CAS. The REAL advenced training is
done in the high security facility in the Negev, and I talk from experience
when I say that the security there is so tight, that not even a fly can get
in unnoticed.
(>) Zapper


As far as political ties go, Israel is allyed with UCSA, CAS, England, the
Saudi Caliphate, the Scandivaian Federation, and verious City-States
throughout the world. It's major enemies are Iran, Syria, Palastine, and
verious other City-States. Israel has a representative on the Security
board of the UN. As far as politics go, Israel is ruled by the only
democratic goverment in the middle east.
Israel uses a similar system to the Tirs when it comes to the megacorps.
[rules are in the Tir book] Also corps can make contracts with the
government for better terms, for example Fuchi made a contract with the
government to provide it with computers, and in exchange they have recived
a tax deduction of 10%. [GM Note: feel free to make up any others.]
Eilat is a tax free zone, which means there is no sales tax there.
For legalety codes, use 2 levels higher then in the book. If that takes it
above the highest legalety code, then it's illigal.
All magic users need to register with the IMA, Israeli Magic Association.
Locals are usually registered by their family as soon as the ability is
discovered, and outsiders need to register upon arrival. After the
registeration area at the entry point, everyone is astrally scaned and
those that are detected as magic users and have not registered are
automaticlly exiled from Israel for 3 years. If an arriving magic user has
a criminal record or no SIN, he is not allowed into Israel, and if such
mage is detected after the registration area, he is exiled for 5 years.
This is to prevent terorist mages from entering Israel.
(>) And that's if you're lucky, The first thing they do when they detect
you is to detain you for questioning, and if they don't like your answers
then it might be some time before you see the outside world again.
(>) Zapper


Israel has a closed matrix network, Which means that there are a limited
number of connection points between the Israeli matrix and the outside
matrix, all of them choke points with extremaly high securety.

(>) here IS black ICE at these choke points, that will most likely kill
anyone who tres to go through. Luckly for you, I maintain a link to the
outer matrix which isn't loaded with ICE. Only problem is you will have to
prove you are worthy of using it by finding it. Once you do, you will face
a very strong black ICE, which would most likely kill you unless I
personally give you the entry code. The code changes every 24 hours, so you
better hurry once you have it.
(>) Nailer

Adventure Ideas

* The runners are hired by the goverment to terminate WOG leaders.
* The runners are hired by the opposition to overthrow the goverment.
* The runners are recruited by the IDF for special operations (deckers and
mages- for M&M)
* The runners are hired by the Mosad as special agents.

Tomer Brisker
Adm, CinC of GSC
LtCmdr, Sci of the USS-Navigator-A (SFO)
LtCmdr, Sci of the USS-Greyhawk (ISF)
"Vaya Carenis Anendus!!!!!"
A wise man once said that peace is a dream.
Let's all be dreamers.
Message no. 2
From: Lady Jestyr <jestyr@*******.DIALIX.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: NAGTTW: Israel (version 2)
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:06:32 +1100
> (>) To those of you who don't know him, Nailer is a very famous decker,
> some say otaku, from Israel.
> (>) Captain Chaos

I'm sorry, but I still think this doens't sound like something the Capt
would say. He's never gone on about how "famous" someone is, or whether
they're an Otaku or anything; he's merely talked about why they're the
right person to write a particular piece and why the readers should
believe them.

Lady Jestyr

Founding member of THE NADBUSTERS!
Elle Holmes jestyr@*******
Message no. 3
From: Tim Cooper <tpcooper@********.CSUPOMONA.EDU>
Subject: Re: NAGTTW: Israel (version 2)
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 16:28:13 -0800
Lady Jestyr wrote:
> > (>) To those of you who don't know him, Nailer is a very famous decker,
> > some say otaku, from Israel.
> > (>) Captain Chaos
> I'm sorry, but I still think this doens't sound like something the Capt
> would say. He's never gone on about how "famous" someone is, or whether
> they're an Otaku or anything; he's merely talked about why they're the
> right person to write a particular piece and why the readers should
> believe them.

Yeah, I'd suggest trying to slant it toward the way you would introduce
a member of this list to your gaming group (or vice versa)

"Hey guys this is Lady J, she's a world renowned SR player, rumored to
be the best RPing gal this side of the date-line..."

(OK, don't hold me to any of that, it's just for sake of example. :)

But all you'd get from an intro like that, whether it's true or not,
would be about a half dozen pairs of eyes simultaneously rolling toward
the cieling, and a chorus of "..whatever.." No one likes to be bragged
to, and it gets you no-where if you are trying to establish their
credibility to a skeptical audience (in fact it gives the impression
that you are just being lied to).


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