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Message no. 1
From: GKoth2258@***.COM
Subject: NERPS-NAGTTW: Antarctica
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 16:06:36 -0400

This barren wasteland is home to an untold number of natural riches, even
today. The various United Nation treaties keeping anyone from claiming
Antarctica are still largely in effect, enforced by a small multinational
force headed by UCAS and Amazonia. But what really keeps corporate resource
raiders out of the icy continent are the strange changes wrought upon
Antarctica. It is believed that the geography has changed wildly, mountains
erupting that make Mt. Everest look like a mere foothill. The violent
weather has only gotten more violent and imaging satellites regularly go
blank (often permanently) or "fuzz out" while over Antarctica, thus making
any confirmation of these changes nearly impossible. Since 2043, over 14
expeditions have disappeared, claiming at least 132 lives. Surviving mages
also report a strange "background count," resembling more of an absence of
magic more than a corruption.


(>) Are we talking foveae? Or something else?
(>) Purple Penguin

(>) No. The best way to describe it would be to say that there is "mana"
there, but it is something very different from what exists everywhere else.
A very bizarre sensation. Astrally, it feels like you are traveling through
thick mud, with visibility as if you were in very dense fog. There's
something else about it too, just a feeling really, but you distinctly get
the impression that you just don't belong there, as if you were on a hostile
alien planet or something. Very strange. And exactly the sort of thing that
drives mages to therapy. It did me. So if you'll excuse me, I have to go
take my medication.
(>) Rough Guide

(>) I've heard Shiawase had several aqualogies based in the Antarctic circle
before the Awakening; mostly hydrothermal power plants, and later, prototypes
in their early attempts to achieve cold fusion. Interestingly enough, just
before the Awakening in 2009, there was rumours they were gengineering
experiments going on. My suspicion is they pulled something out of the water
that Awakened a little bit before the rest of the world. Whatever odd forces
are at play in Antarctica, they started happening soon, as Shiawase pulled
out its resources there in 2014
(>) Fact Rat

(>) Don't bet on them having pulled out totally. Each of the Big 8 have some
sort of arcology down there. They're mostly near the edge of the weirdness,
usually within sight of the ocean, but they are there. They are doing their
best to pull everything little piece of profit from that god-forsaken chunk
of land. And none of that "multi-national force" drek is going to stop them.
(>) Bored Pirate

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