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From: Chris***.net
Subject: [Nerps] Nerps] [Organisations] The Cerberus Group :: Background
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 19:11:23 GMT
This is my first submission so I'm not quite up on the 'flavoriing'
the documents with color commentary. Be that as it may, the stuff that
follows in this post is "For GM's Eyes Only" and not something I would
expect to see in a Shadowland <sic> Infodump, though if anyone has any
comments or suggestions I would be grateful


The Cerberus group was originally formed by a former Navy Intelligence
Officer, Phillip Wren, to do "odd jobs" for Senator Robert Jackson
(Tec, New Brunswick). Where the 'jobs' have ranged in scope from
information gathering and evidence collection to personnel extraction
and situation development to in certain extreme cases, wetwork.

The Cerberus group members are not employees of the UCAS government
(though a number are ex-government or ex-military), they appear in no
documents, there are no official computer records, their actions are
completely deniable. The work for the group is not particularly
profitable, or consistent; people are recruited into the group because
they believe in the work that the group does. Most members have 'real'
jobs that they can occasionally get time off from to support group

If you're familiar with the old 20th century pre-trid show called
"Mission: Impossible" you're on the right track. Team members don't
generally know each other outside of the group context unless they
happened to know each other before they were recruited. Within the
group call-signs or psuedonyms are used, in fact the only names anyone
is generally certain of are those of Senator Jackson and Commander
Deeper Background

Senator Jackson, a four term senator who has been representing his
state's interests in DeeCee since the formation of the UCAS, is a
member of the technocratic party. The technocratic party is basically
an outgrowth of the new Republican movement that came into being in
the 1990's...very pro-business, pro- technology without the
conservative religious right.

Senator Jackson's position, however, is a bit more complicated than
that. While being pro-business, he's not especially pro-megacorp, he
has very strong beliefs about the rights of employees, and the fact
that despite the extra-territoriality of many companies those firms
are required to abide by the laws of the countries in which they do
business. He strongly supported Dunklezahn for president and got to
know the old wyrm fairly well over the course of the campaign. The
Senator generally supports proposals that ensure equal rights under
the law for all metahumans (including ghouls, vampires, wendigos, et
al); though he doesn't favor programs that just help specific groups.
Jackson also has been supporting various groups working for
reunification with the various balkanized pieces of North America.

Senator Jackson met Commander Wren back when he was a freshman
congressman in 2031 during a fact finding mission that eventually led
to the pullout of all UCAS troops from Europe during the wars that
followed. Wren was in Naval Intelligence, originally operating
listening posts that gathered electronic intel data, he was
coordinating intel operations across Northern Europe when he first met
Jackson and briefed him on the effects that the tensions in Europe
where having on the armed forces in Wren's area of operations.

Wren retired from the navy in 2038 after the secession of California
and Hawaii; when, in his opinion, the navy was in the process of
becoming an overly well equipped coast guard. He became an independent
elint security consultant for the government and various companies. He
apparently became associated with Jackson again sometime in the late
'40s. The Cerberus Group must have come into existence shortly after
that since there are some members who say that they've been in this
for ten years.



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